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The Main Wallpaper Trends 2024

Choosing the color of your walls is far from trivial. And for good reason! Colors don’t just have a decorative function. They impact the brightness of a room while creating the illusion of an immense space or, conversely, very small.

If you still doubt the importance of choosing the right colors for your interior, keep in mind that they also affect your mood. If you are considering redecorating and are at the stage of choosing wallpaper, here are some trends that will guide you in your choice.

Panoramic wallpaper

This is undoubtedly a rather original and even daring trend. An XXL-sized photo representing a landscape, a city, flowers, and many other motifs adorns a wall in the room of your choice. Real wall frescoes, will help create the atmosphere of your choice.

Zen, luminous, mysterious, intimate, or cocooning, almost everything is allowed. They must be combined with the right color so that the whole remains harmonious.

Tropical wallpaper

If we had to describe it, we would say that it is a real invitation to travel. Very often in the colors of lush nature, in dark tones for an equatorial forest effect, or even more refined with patterns such as palm trees, banana trees, or birds of paradise, it colors a room without aggressiveness. It is a decorative element in its own right which, combined with trinkets made from natural materials, gives your interior character and originality.

Floral wallpaper

You may be wondering what is the difference between tropical wallpaper and floral wallpaper. It is more about the variety and nature of the patterns than the color to the extent that in both categories, the tones are more or less similar.

If you love roses, and tulips or dream of opening your eyes to sunflowers every day, floral wallpaper is the one for you. You can opt for the sweetness of roses or the pep and fun of tangy oranges.

Geometric wallpaper

When it is geometric in shape, wallpaper gives volume to a room. It can thus help to give an impression of depth. Circles and triangles will thus bring rhythm and movement to the space where they are installed.

Plus, if you’re a fan of the 70s or vintage, this is exactly the type of paper for you. Bright colors and psychedelic patterns combined with rounded furniture will be enough to immerse you in an atmosphere from another era.

Animal wallpaper

They are present in almost all wallpaper trends. Whether you opt for a tropical, floral, or even panoramic painting, animals are very widely represented. Sometimes soberly on minimalist frescoes in black and white or even with very few colors or on the contrary in an abundance of colors. With pastel tones for a child’s bedroom or more pronounced colors for a living room for example, Ever Wallpaper provides you with a wide choice of excellent quality animal wallpapers.

Much more than a trend, wallpaper is a real alternative to painting in that it leaves a lot of room for originality. If you have any apprehensions, now is the time to get started. Relatively easy to install, original and pleasant to look at, it is the ideal choice if you want to change the atmosphere without breaking the bank.

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