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The Key To A Flower Bed In Your Garden

That’s it, autumn is just around the corner. Of course, we can rejoice in the magnificent colors of the foliage, but it is certain: our gardens will soon become bare and it will now be obvious that we should have taken better care of them last spring…

Gardens are all or nothing, we love them, we dream of them, we imagine ourselves mowing the lawns with a big smile while our children play, we plan to become rose bush pros… and then reality It’s much more complicated than that and we quickly feel overwhelmed.

However, there are tips from great gardeners that can make the task a lot simpler. Plus, they can make your gardens look much neater with just one touch.

Nothing better than a good fertilizer to have a flower bed

When you decide to invest time, space and money in creating a garden, you really can’t neglect the basics: fertilizer. And this sometimes involves making choices that are not very chic but which are fundamental for the well-being of your plants.

At this time of year, for example, it is necessary to nourish the soil with products that decompose slowly, in particular organic fertilizers. Those which can be based on compost or manure.

Both options complement each other and provide a great, eco-friendly natural nutrient for your plants. You can create your own compost at home: food scraps or dead leaves can become a good fertilizer at a lower cost. However, good compost must be combined with a more powerful fertilizer: manure. We agree, it will not be fragrant like a good bouquet of flowers but it is precisely what will make your flowers look good as soon as they bloom. So we hold our noses and look for the dung! Once again, this is an ecological and 100% natural choice, it was our great-great grandparents who already knew the advantages of this fertilizer which has nothing more to prove, it guarantees excellent quality growth of plants and lawns.

In spring, you can pamper your garden with other little treatments. Here again, sensitive souls refrain! Known as a “whiplash”, a sort of vitamin shot, powdered blood is a real ally for gardeners. It is indeed a by-product of slaughterhouses which is commonly used in organic farming and which has the advantage of gently releasing all the nutrients in which it is rich: nitrogen and iron. Its greening effect is almost immediate and all it takes is one application to offer your plants and lawns an elixir of beauty.

With these little tips you can already lay the foundations for a magnificent flower garden, with beautiful, rich, green grass, plants with lush foliage and brightly colored flowers. But you want more, right?

The key to a flower bed

To ensure a beautiful flowerbed, you must know the soil, its exposure and choose your plants according to these variables. Sun is a sine qua non condition, however too much sun can be just as detrimental to the well-being of your plants. Depending on the plants chosen, you will find specific fertilizers on the market to ensure optimal growth. For example, rose bushes require lots of little attention and are very demanding in phosphorus. Peonies, for their part, can thrive on good compost.

The best beds all have one thing in common: the flowers are well arranged in a limited space separate from the grassy garden. Garden borders are easy to install and immediately give your garden a tidy look. Here you can find all the tips and products to install them correctly now. So, next year your garden will be your greatest pride!

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