A Noise-reducing Green Wall As Decoration

If you sometimes wander around the most trendy big cities on the planet, think of Paris, Dubai or New York in particular, you will undoubtedly have noticed that bars and restaurants are more and more often decorated using green walls. Be aware, however, that in most cases, these are fake plants, because they have many advantages. Here is why using a noise-reducing green wall as decoration is always a good idea.

A noise-reducing green wall?

In large cities, there is an urgent need to optimize space. With the increasing number of inhabitants per square kilometer, noise pollution is intensifying at the same time as visual and atmospheric pollution. Many establishments and individuals are looking for solutions to muffle the noise coming from the street or the neighborhood. And many fail. And if we tell you that a noise-reducing green wall is the ideal solution, do you believe us?

If you’re skeptical, let us explain the principle of noise diffusion. This is based on sound waves that bounce off surfaces and are thus transmitted until their energy is completely exhausted. By imitating the leaves of trees and plants, we infinitely increase the exposed surface area compared to a flat structure such as concrete or bricks for example. On an acoustic green wall, the waves therefore bounce back more and are exhausted quickly. The noise is therefore largely reduced!

Aesthetics and practicality in a decorative element

Numerous studies show that noise has a significant impact on many aspects of our condition. Sleep difficulties, poor nighttime recovery, reduced stress resistance capacity, and constant irritability are just some of the consequences of too much noise in your environment. And the advantage of the noise-reducing green wall, which you can buy in this artificial green wall store , is that it combines practicality with aesthetics.

Practical because it will reduce surrounding noise , but also because it does not require watering or annual pruning, it is much less expensive to install and it can adapt to all architectural configurations . It is therefore much more interesting than a natural green wall, while retaining exactly the same aesthetic properties as the latter!

A superior quality artificial green wall

But if you want your noise-blocking green wall to be effective, it is important to choose it carefully. Even if any plastic will be more durable than any plant tissue, remember that there are different qualities. By opting for a product from , you are sure to benefit from a green wall designed using fake plants made of non-toxic plastic and above all treated against UV and pollution, which guarantees it a long life. life like no other.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to choose your plants from a varied catalog. You will thus have the possibility of decorating your artificial green wall with fake hanging plants , perfect for hiding the imperfections of the building for example, without ever having to weed or prune!

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