The different types of costs for managing an innovative automobile fleet?

When managing a fleet of innovative vehicles, it is sometimes difficult to precisely estimate costs. However, these are essential data which will allow you to predict expenditure items. Here we will see what are the main costs to plan for so that your vehicle fleet is not a financial pit.

Purchasing vehicles

This may seem logical but it is necessary to determine the terms and conditions for the supply of vehicles. Determine whether it is preferable to buy or rent (through an LOA or LLD) the vehicles that will constitute your automobile fleet . Study the offers and negotiate since you will be playing on volume.

Fuel choice and consumption

If diesel remains tax-advantaged, this will not last much longer. Despite lower consumption than gasoline, diesel does not cope well with urban use where clogging is inevitable. For use mainly in the city, we advise you to look at hybrids, rechargeable or not. Conversely, for essentially road/motorway use, diesel will be in its element. If consumption is important to take into account in your calculations, also look at CO2 emissions to be aware of the potential ecological bonus or penalty. This can also have an impact on various taxes and even maintenance.

Fleet insurance

Your automobile fleet must be insured. Insurers offer packages aimed at those who manage several vehicles. From there, you can benefit from more advantageous rates. Depending on the value of the vehicles, the size of your fleet, and the cost of the average value of the latter, you can choose between an all-risk or third-party formula. The cost price can vary from simple to double. But you also need to calculate the costs in the event of an accident or urban clashes.

Upkeep and maintenance

Some vehicles are more expensive than others to maintain. You can therefore take this parameter into account by looking at the cost of labor at the dealership. Tires are also to be taken into account. In this regard, we will favor a standard fitment, which does not impose additional costs. The maintenance aspect must also be analyzed, by consulting the manufacturer’s recommendations. Moreover, the choice of vehicles has a direct influence on the cost of maintenance. To maintain costs, it is recommended not to overestimate your needs. If we fear a change in use or uncertainty about the size, a leasing contract can allow us not to take any risk by committing to a short period.

Driver awareness

Finally, it is possible to reduce fuel and maintenance expenses by raising driver awareness. They must drive the vehicles like their personal vehicles, taking care. Regular awareness on leveling, tire pressure, fluid filling is therefore necessary to increase the lifespan of vehicles and reduce expenses.

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