The different most popular cinemas in Paris

Parisian culture is made up of several interesting facets. This is why tourists come to the capital in droves every year. Indeed, many of them are interested in this city for all the elements it can offer. You can, for example, discover prestigious stores that sell luxury and cutting-edge fashion products.

It is also common to see performance halls that can allow you to experience pleasant moments as a couple or with friends in the city of Paris. Cinema enthusiasts can also be served because there are also a large number of cinemas specializing in the field.

To find out about the most popular cinemas in Paris, you can refer to the lines below.

The Majestic Bastille

This cinema is one of the most popular places for fans of films and documentaries in Paris. It is characterized by a huge room and chairs that are very well placed. Indeed, you can fully enjoy the film without your neighbors in front coming to hide from you even when they are standing.

You can watch quality films and even old documentaries there. Very well located, this cinema attracts a very large number of people. Entrance is also very affordable. For more information on outings for movie buffs in Paris you can do your research online.

The Great Rex

The Grand Rex is one of the most famous cinemas. In addition to allowing you to discover films that have not been released on screens at home, this room can also allow you to experience magical moments. This is explained by the sound and light show called the magic of the waters that the room offers to all spectators before each session during the Christmas period.

This room also has the advantage of being huge. It can therefore accommodate millions of spectators and even allows you to enjoy a unique and original decoration. It is a cinema room that can meet all needs and which adapts to all tastes, whether you are a child, a teenager or even an adult. The Grand Rex room is located on Boulevard Richard Lenoir in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

The Escorial

The Escorial also attracts a large number of cinema fans. This room has a panoramic screen and offers a cozy atmosphere with red velvet chairs. Very original, the room also has mirrors, typical chandeliers and luxurious gilding. By choosing the Escurial cinema, you can travel back in time and therefore experience pleasant moments .

This place isn’t just for grown-ups. Indeed, during the All Saints’ Day holidays, it offers a festival specially designed for little ones. Your children can then have fun watching films dedicated to them. To get to this room, you must go to Boulevard du Port-Royal in Paris.

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