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Solar panel home automation: take control of your consumption

Maximize the use of solar energy and simplify the management of your home with solar home automation.

What is home automation used for?

Home automation is a technology that is used to simplify and improve control of your home. This allows you to remotely automate several domestic devices, and optimize lighting, heating or even your security system.

It’s often very easy to get started because everything is done on an application, from your phone.

In addition to being able to make your daily life easier by programming your washing machine or closing your shutters, home automation can also contribute to the more efficient use of energy by monitoring the energy consumption of your home.

Combining this technology with a solar installation will allow you to make your home more electricity-efficient.

Photovoltaic home automation: How does it work?

As I told you, the combo of these two solutions guarantees you significant savings on your bill. The system is directly connected to the production of your solar panels.

Home automation sensors analyze the performance of your solar installation in real-time, as well as the home’s electricity consumption. This maximizes the use of solar energy by automatically adjusting the consumption of devices based on the availability of solar energy.

For example, thanks to home automation, you will be able to operate your energy-intensive appliances such as the dishwasher or the washing machine, when you have peaks in production on your solar installation.

Using home automation when you have solar panels also allows you to monitor the performance of your installation and detect possible problems to optimize their operation for maximum energy production.

But then, how much does this device cost, and what does a solar home automation system consist of?

Solar home automation: System composition and price

As you will have understood, this system is mainly beneficial for self-consumption solar installations. Even if selling surplus production is an economically interesting solution, self-consuming your production thanks to home automation is a truly intelligent, ecological and economical solution.

Concretely, it will cost €500 to €2,000 depending on the type of system you choose.

For this price, your house will be equipped with several elements:

  • A pilot box. This allows you to collect all the information on the production of your solar modules and manage the start-up of your devices.
  • A connected thermostat. This is the essential element to be able to turn on your heating at the right time.
  • Smart sockets. They allow you to connect any device to the control box.
  • Current clamps. This is for the more technical side. These clamps will transmit the production data of your panels to the box.

All this equipment will be used to connect your devices to the home automation system and so you can manage them remotely using your phone.

As you see, home automation has a certain cost. Don’t worry, some help exists to reduce the price.

Aid available for photovoltaic home automation

The State has put in place various aids to improve the energy efficiency of your home, such as:

  • MaPrimeRénov’;
  • Energy Saving Certificates (EEC);
  • The zero-rate Eco-loan (if you have taken out a zero-rate Eco-loan for your solar installation, you can subscribe again, provided that the combined amount of the two does not exceed €30,000);
  • VAT at a reduced rate of 5.5%.

Please note that to qualify for this aid, you must use a company certified as a Recognized Guarantor of the Environment (RGE) to carry out your work.

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