Should The Glass Of A Car Be Repaired Before A Technical Inspection?

The car is an everyday tool, as essential for personal and professional travel. Taking care of your vehicle is therefore essential for the majority of French people who cannot avoid using their precious means of transport.

To ensure its safety and compliance with the law, it is imperative to  regularly present it for technical inspection , which may require you to carry out a second inspection if necessary.

To avoid this inconvenience, it is important to carefully analyze any potentially incriminating points to review them before even presenting your car for inspection. Driver visibility is one of the criteria that will or will not allow your vehicle to return to the road. Also, having the glass of a car repaired  before a technical inspection can be interesting to avoid the tedious and costly task of presenting it for a second inspection. Explanations. 

Alterations to the windshield do not result in a second inspection

To check the driver’s good visibility, the controller in charge must ensure the presence and functionality of the mandatory mirrors as well as the  condition and fixing of the windows and windshield .

Concerning the windows, they can be notified as “in poor condition” without leading to a second inspection but only if the alterations observed fit within an extremely precise grid of criteria.
These failures, which imply the word “poor condition”, can be either a crack not extending beyond a 30 cm circle and outside the area of ​​action of the windshield wipers, or bubbles or detachment of the glass sheets. within a maximum radius of 3 cm.

The presence of an impact

of less than 2.5 cm will not lead to a second inspection either. However, these deteriorations can worsen over time , ese will necessarily require a second inspection.

In this case, it is essential to call on the services of a professional windshield repairer. The  windshield repair center in Livry Gargan is, like all Carglass® centers, renowned for the quality of the interventions and the skills of its technicians. To avoid additional costs, be proactive and act before passing your technical inspection.

These deteriorations are classified into two groups. Major failures include cracks of more than 30 cm, the presence of an impact of more than 3 cm or the separation of the windshield and/or its seal. Critical failures include the absence of a windshield, the presence of several impacts between 30 and 50 mm in the zone of action of the windshield wipers or even an impact of more than 50 mm in the same zone.

In the latter case, you will have  to go to a professional the same day  to repair the glass of a car which presents this type of critical failure.

Repair car glass with a professional

Having a car’s glass repaired by a professional before the technical inspection is therefore strongly recommended in  the majority of the  above-mentioned cases.

The Carglass® brand is recognized for its expertise and the wide distribution of these centers throughout the country offers you the possibility of  making the necessary repairs wherever you are . Carglass® even has more than 700 workshop trucks which will intervene directly on site if necessary.

Carglass® always offers  windshield impact repair  when the said impact is less than the diameter of a two-euro coin, or approximately 3 cm. This service will allow you to avoid a second inspection in the majority of cases, but if your windshield shows critical or major defects, don’t panic! Here too, Carglass® will allow you to meet regulatory requirements by replacing your windshield at a lower cost and in record time!

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