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For adults undergoing career change, young people looking for the ideal job, and professionals wanting to develop their skills, nail art is attracting more and more enthusiasts. According to CNEP statistics, this sector today represents 15% of the aesthetics market in general. The market especially attracts young female entrepreneurs.

In fact, the majority of nail salons and bars are owned by independents. Does this job interest you ? Find out the necessary information on this topic in this article.

Training to become a nail technician

A nail technician has the choice between working in a nail bar or starting out on her own. If she chooses the first option, French law requires that the expert be paid according to the minimum wage. The remuneration may be higher in a larger salon. In the second case, the nail technician can open a salon or offer at-home services.

The profession of nail technician is divided into two categories: the nail technician who offers manicures and the one who does not offer them. In the absence of manicure services, the profession does not require professional qualifications. However, if you want to work in a salon or go freelance, it is recommended that you have a beautician qualification.

You can work as a nail stylist and prosthetist with a CAP in aesthetic and body care. An approved title or diploma of equal level also allows you to practice this profession.

The other option available to you is to follow adapted online training with a specialized organization such as the Ecole Française. This organization offers professional training eligible for the CPF. This allows you to finance your training. As a certified organization, the French School issues a diploma that certifies your skills at the end of the online training. 

The main missions of a nail technician

A nail technician works mainly in the field of beauty and fashion. The job consists of providing aesthetic care to the toenails and fingernails. A prosthetist is an expert in applying false gel nails or nail caps to fingers. Considered a true aesthetic art, this meticulous operation requires the use of UV gel varnish and resin paste.

Decorating the nails with fanciful designs, like glitter, is another mission of the nail technician. Called “ nail art ” in English, this method attracts many fans. The specialist applies layers of varnish as well as designs to the freshly applied false nails. The nail technician also takes care of the care of feet and hands. To have healthy nails, the expert applies different care products.

How to find the ideal online prosthetist training course?

Several centers currently offer training in nail prosthesis. To choose a particular school, you must remember several criteria. The first is professional certification. Make sure that the organization in question is able to issue a certificate upon completion of the training. Accreditation represents another criterion. A formal training center has an approval number, obtained from its prefecture.

The third criterion concerns the quality of the training. It must offer a theoretical part as well as a practical part. Furthermore, in order to quickly practice your profession at the end of the training, you must follow a course which includes complete programs. These last on average four weeks.

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