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School Supplies: 5 Tips For A Small Budget And A Cleaner Environment

If you want to save money, but also find ecological alternatives when shopping for back-to-school, know that there are many simple and effective ways to achieve this. Although access to education is free, going back to school is often synonymous with significant costs for parents, who have to run many errands, from books and notebooks to glue, pencils, and other supplies that teachers usually ask for. In a family with several children, expenses increase proportionally. Here are some ways to save money for the new school year while protecting your environment.

Evaluate old supplies

If you want to reduce the amount of supplies at the start of the school year, the first tip is not to rush to the stores and buy everything that is written on the list. First, evaluate old accessories to see if any items are still in good condition for reuse. Pencils left without a cover are certainly irrecoverable, but a backpack and a box of pencils can be reused. Good sorting means savings. After passing this step, study the “back to school” type offers in store, because you will surely find something to your liking.

Don’t go shopping with children

To avoid any temptation from the start, it is best to go shopping without children. Stores are usually full of advertisements and often useless, but very fashionable items that your children will beg you to buy. And it will be difficult for you to resist these moments, which is why the budget will increase. If you want to make them happy, you can consider buying an item (or two) from their favorite brand or with their favorite heroes, for example, a notebook or a pen. It’s a good way to reconcile the children’s desires with your projects to avoid spending too much money.

Choose recycled materials

To shop for back-to-school, choose brands that use recycled materials. Almost all supplies, from cardboard or wooden pencils to paper notebooks and plastic pens, can be purchased in a recycled version, and your budget won’t suffer as much. There are many ways to make smart and sustainable purchases.

Online order

Shopping online can often save you a lot of money, and you won’t be so easily lured into spending more. Many stores offer very attractive prices for each school supply on their websites, especially when you buy in large quantities – for example if you want to stock up on pencils, erasers, ink, etc. Although less ecological, taking into account delivery, this can allow you to benefit from attractive discounts.

Consider the used version

Items such as backpacks and books can also be purchased second-hand, so it’s worth investigating sites that offer these kinds of products.

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