The Best Fortnite Satchels Of The Moment

To the delight of children, many products bearing the image of their favorite video game character are now available in stores. This is the case, for example, of Fortnite backpacks and satchels which generally display the image of Raven or SkullTrooper and which allow their wearers to stand out from others and show their passion.

To help you make your choice, discover the best sellers from the Toon store in this little guide!

The Fortnite 43 cm SkullTrooper wheeled backpack

The Fortnite 43cm SkullTrooper Rolling Backpack is one of the most popular Fortnite products among consumers at the moment. It helps relieve your child’s back and shoulders thanks to its solid trolley system, its adjustable straps, and its reinforced handle and it can also boost your child’s motivation to follow their lessons thanks to its trendy and original design.

Aside from that, don’t forget its compartments and pockets which allow your child to store, sort and classify their school belongings correctly. Besides, remember that a well-organized backpack is one of the keys to success.

The Fortnite 41 cm Premium satchel

The Fortnite 41 cm Premium satchel is also a better alternative if you don’t like trolley bags.

You can easily recognize it by its original patterns, its trendy colors and its reassuring tucs. Otherwise, you can also base yourself on its reference JCB/FO2940261. Note that this school bag is suitable for children aged 6 and over and it helps both avoid back pain and optimize the storage of supplies.

The Fortnite 41cm Raven wheeled satchel

If your child is more of a Raven fan, you can give them the Fortnite 41 cm Raven-wheeled school bag. This model combines the advantages of a trolley bag and a satchel and is one of the best school bags of the moment.

It is a premium quality product manufactured by a prestigious brand and offered at an inexpensive price. Its straps are adjustable, its back is padded and it is easily towed thanks to its double-tube trolley and its two solid casters. Added to this, it also guarantees better stability for the feet which are placed next to the wheels.

The Fortnite Multi 42 cm backpack

Finally, we should present to you the Fortnite Multi 42 cm backpack. This model is black and displays the image of several fighters on its front zipped pocket. Thanks to its dimensions and its two large compartments, your child will have no trouble storing and transporting their school supplies, even larger accessories such as binders and large-format notebooks.

Finally, know that this bag can optimize the comfort of its wearer thanks to its padded structure, its adjustable straps, and its reinforced handle. Not to mention the fact that it can accompany your child from primary school to high school.

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