Pumps or high heels: how to choose your women’s shoes?

Classified in the category of fashion accessories, shoes give the feminine look all its elegance. Without them, the style of the outfit is incomplete. It is a real fashion complement that gives women’s clothing great beauty. Aside from their aesthetic side, they have a practical aspect since they protect our feet from the sun, rain, snow, dirt, etc. Given their importance, it is essential to choose them carefully. But do you know how to choose the best option for your women’s shoes? The choice of a model will be based on several criteria that we will define.

Pumps: a classic in terms of women’s shoes

When it comes to women’s shoes, all thoughts turn to pumps. It’s a classic of the feminine look. But what you need to know is that they don’t go with all body types. Pumps are especially recommended for tall women. This morphology goes with stiletto heels whose length is between 5 and 7 cm. Those who are rather small and very thin can opt for pumps whose heels are not wide.

Indeed, opting for shoes that are disproportionate to the body can tarnish the look. Those who feel comfortable with high heels can try it too. Furthermore, square heel pumps are made for women with a large build. The choice of your women’s shoes will therefore be based on your height and weight.

High-heeled and square shoes for a modern look

Women’s shoes with high square heels are a substitute for classic pumps. For a more trendy look, tall women are strongly advised to opt for high-heeled, square-heeled shoes similar to pumps. This type of shoe is also recommended for small and thin women, provided they are combined with a trouser look with slightly wide bottoms and a high waist. In short, high and square heels provide perfect well-being to strong women since they are proportional to their weight.

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