How to choose your sport chic style men’s polo shirt?

The polo shirt is charm and relaxation in a single item of clothing. Born towards the end of the 19th century in India, it was designed by the Maharajah of Jodhpur in order to be more comfortable when practicing the English sport par excellence: polo. Today, this garment has become a must-have in the men’s wardrobe. How to choose it in order to display it with chic and elegance, here are some tips.

Choosing Sport a polo shirt suited to your body shape

Choosing a polo shirt requires particular attention. Out of the question to look like Babar by having it above the navel! The goal being to appear casual but chic, it is important to ask yourself the right questions before making your choice. Morphology remains the keystone of any clothing choice.

To dress in a polo shirt while maintaining a sporty chic style , you must ensure that no taste indicator flashes red. If you have a slim figure, opt for a fitted polo shirt whose collar you have previously arranged to obtain a more imposing shoulder shape.

For men with a “normal” body shape, you have the choice between several models. The straight cut polo shirt, the fitted polo shirt, the fitted polo shirt to bring out your muscles. Be sure to choose the right size though.

For slightly heavier men with a strong build, the polo shirt should be chosen so as not to accentuate the overweight. To find the polo shirt you need, don’t hesitate to test several models and check that they are suitable and comfortable enough for you.

Choosing the right material and colors

Have you found the polo shirt that suits you? Perfect. Now focus on the ideal material. Since the polo shirt is a summer garment, it is obvious that the fabric must be appropriate for the climate. Mostly cotton, polo shirts are now available in many materials and colors. The key is not to sink into folklore by opting for choices that exude cacophony.

To stay chic, elegant and natural , opt for materials like elastane or lycra. Finally, for colors, be inventive, don’t set any limits as long as your polo shirt matches your outfit. The main thing is to feel good in your polo shirt!

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