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Makeup for children: our practical tips

Make a child’s makeup

Children love being made up, dressing up, and slipping into the skin of a character (imaginary or not) for a few hours. This is a great way to stimulate their creativity while keeping them busy in a clever way. Find out everything there is to know about it and learn more about being a children’s makeup artist: a profession that is as fun as it is exciting!

What are the different types of children’s makeup? 

Children can be made up for different occasions: carnival, Halloween, or for birthdays. Makeup allows them to assert their personality while having fun. This is particularly why children’s makeup stands are often present at fairgrounds or amusement parks. Dressed in butterfly, unicorn, tiger, or even their favorite hero makeup, the children must be patient while the makeup is done.

It is particularly fun to do makeup for a child because they do not hesitate to ask for the use of a variety of glitter and bright colors: a good way to give free rein to your creativity while making them pleasure! 

And why not set up a makeup afternoon for your children from time to time, at home, to offer them different and original creative hobbies? Armed with makeup materials specially designed for their use, nail polish, and hair clips, let them have fun painting their faces, nails, and arms. Who knows, maybe you will inspire a future vocation? You can also offer to do their makeup with the colors of their choice, adapted to their disguise desires.

What is a children’s makeup professional? 

The makeup field offers many career opportunities, including children’s makeup, a fun and particularly stimulating profession. 

The children’s makeup artist can be hired full-time by an amusement or leisure park, to offer makeup adapted to the desires of little ones: pirate, unicorn, zebra or cat, there is no makeup that this professional does not achieve! 

On the occasion of a party, a birthday, or even for a festival, the children’s makeup expert can be hired by the day or by the hour: a growing number of professionals in the field are deciding to practice their freelance job. It is therefore entirely possible to benefit from the services of these experts to please your children on a special occasion. 

Do not hesitate to compare the offers, the products used, as well as the different delivery methods, to opt for the makeup professional who fully meets your desires! 

Are you interested in this creative and joyful everyday profession? Do you want to make children’s makeup your main activity? So, don’t hesitate to sign up for our 20-hour training dedicated to professional makeup. Taught directly online, our courses are accessible 24/7, so you can study at your own pace, wherever you are! 

Doing makeup for children: what equipment to bring? 

To create makeup suitable for children, you must equip yourself with equipment from brands specially designed to respect their sensitive and fragile skin. 

For this, two options are available to you: using very high-end brands, or a beauty kit for children. Remember to use clean utensils! 

Bring with you a palette or two of colors, as well as eyeshadows of different textures and shades, to allow you to vary the pleasures when applying makeup. You can also, if you wish, bring colored varnish with you, to nicely decorate your little client’s fingers: in this case opt for a varnish that dries quickly, because children are often restless and impatient. It’s then difficult to prevent them from touching their varnish when it dries! 

Another important element: don’t forget to take makeup pencils with you. These will allow you to trace the first lines of your makeup on the child. So, if you choose, for example, to create children’s makeup for carnivals, you can trace the outlines of your creation on the children’s faces using these pencils. Then, all you have to do is fill them in with eye shadow! Remember to take a large brush with you, which will make it easier to apply colors.

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