Makeup for drooping eyelids: tips to know

What signs characterize a drooping eyelid?

We speak of a drooping eyelid when the skin of the brow bone covers the fold above the eye. This common case is very simple to verify. To do this, observe the look of the person you are about to apply makeup. Can’t see the folds of your mobile eyelids because of the skin hiding them? So, it is indeed drooping eyelids. This phenomenon generally occurs with aging.
This particularity does not prevent the eyes from being highlighted with makeup, even if it has several disadvantages. Mascara and eye shadow can tend to leave marks, for example. Also, this requires taking some precautions when applying makeup. For a perfect result and a sublime look, it is essential to know the best practices and the mistakes to avoid.

What are the preferred colors for makeup on drooping eyelids?

The fact of having drooping eyelids does not prevent you from bringing a touch of originality to your look with different colors. However, it is better to favor pale and nude shades, such as beige, pink tones and bright shades. The main thing is to play with contrasts to accentuate the crease of the eyelid.
When applying makeup, you will therefore need to use several shadows of different colors. It is with this technique that you will be able to give depth to your client’s eyes.

How to make up drooping eyelids?

Now that you know everything about the products and colors to favor, let’s take a look at practice. To highlight a woman’s eyes when her eyelids tend to droop, you just need to apply the right gestures.
Start by applying the makeup base to the entire eyelid to prepare the skin to receive the powder. You can use a light colored shadow as a base depending on preference. Then, apply a darker color to the outer corner of the eye, starting at the lash line. Continue with an intermediate shade, then use a brush to blend the shadows. Work the material over the entire rounded part of the mobile eyelid. Finally, add a touch of light with a light shade or highlighter under the brow. You can also apply it to the inner corner of the eye to open the eyes. Finish by applying mascara.
For sophisticated makeup, don’t hesitate to use the eyelash curler to obtain a lengthening effect. Also, remember to draw a fine line of eyeliner along the eyelashes for enhanced eyes.

Makeup and drooping eyelids: what mistakes to avoid?

Makeup for drooping eyelids requires mastering the right techniques. But for an impeccable result, you must also know the mistakes to avoid. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Favor powder eyeshadow;
  • Preferably use gel eyeliner;
  • Avoid too dark colors and pearly shades;
  • Apply makeup to open eyes;
  • Don’t put mascara on the lower lashes;
  • Do not use a black kohl pencil to highlight your eyes.

Eyeshadows in the form of cream or oily texture do not suit the shape of your eyes. This would leave unsightly marks in the creases of the eyelid. Likewise, gel eyeliner dries faster than felt liner. This prevents streaks from forming when you blink.

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