Internet And Mobile Moving: How To Do It?

Do you want to make an Internet and mobile move? Here’s how to go about your process!

Do I have the right to cancel due to moving?

It is entirely possible to cancel your internet subscription if you move. When you change residence, you can inform your Internet service provider of your intention to cancel your contract. It is recommended to contact your supplier as soon as possible to notify them of your move and your cancellation request.

You will need to provide your provider with the necessary information, such as your new address and the date you want to end your subscription. Some companies may ask for proof of moving, such as proof of address or a rental contract.

It’s important to note that termination terms may vary from provider to provider , and there may be early termination fees if you’re still committed to a fixed-term contract. It is therefore recommended to read your contract carefully and check the termination conditions before proceeding.

In some cases, your provider may offer you alternative options, such as transferring your subscription to your new home if this is possible. This can save you from having to cancel and take out a new contract.

To avoid any interruption of service, it is preferable to initiate the process of canceling and requesting transfer of your internet subscription as soon as possible (generally at the same time as you request the price of the move from the various companies contacted), taking into account take into account your supplier’s processing times.

Remember to return equipment rented to your provider, such as modem or router, according to their instructions.

Notify your operator

The first thing to do is to notify your operator. You will need to notify this move within 15 to 30 days before changing your address. This first step will also require transmitting various information such as:

  • your new address;
  • your email address or mobile phone number;
  • your move-in date;
  • proof of address.

Once all the required documents have been submitted, you can request the transfer of your Internet and mobile line.

Transfer your line to your new home

To transfer your line to your new home, you have the choice between two options . You can go to your operator’s website and log in to your customer account. Online, you can report your future Internet and mobile move and the operator will quickly carry out the line transfer. In most cases, this is a free operation.

The other option for transferring your line to your new home is to call your operator directly by telephone. You will be able to speak to a technician who will be able to take into account and record your transfer request. If the Internet and mobile move is effective, you will receive an SMS to reactivate the line.

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