Aixam car parts without a license: are they durable in the long term?

Driving a car without a license means enjoying the comfort of a cart and avoiding all the inconveniences of a driving license. In addition, manufacturers are developing new, even more efficient models every day. But when it comes to vehicles, it is always a question of spare parts and those of carts have long been a problem if not without considering the specialized sites.

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Aixam, a long-standing reputation

Unrivaled quality parts for a car without a license

Maintenance to guarantee the resistance of Aixam parts

Aixam, a long-standing reputation

Currently, the manufacturer Aixam remains the European leader in the construction and sale of cars without a license. It attracts its customers with a modern and creative design as well as a thermoformed body and incomparable comfort compared to carts from other brands.

Furthermore, long gone are the days when it built its vehicles using recycled elements from major manufacturers. The firm has emancipated itself and now uses specific parts for the design of the carts. For example, it is the Canadian Bombardier, a snowmobile specialist which supplies it with its transmission variators and Kubota (Japanese) which supplies it with its 400cm3/4Kw diesels.

This is why Aixam parts are very durable. Moreover, it also has many other suppliers and always focuses on quality. Indeed, the firm used low-cost products from Asia at a certain point, but as the logistics and quality were not at the top, they preferred to turn to reliable suppliers,

Unrivaled quality parts for a car without a license

The characteristics of Aixam license-free car parts guarantee high reliability and durability. Indeed, each part of your cart is subject to numerous constraints and high temperatures on the road. However, Aixam parts have been developed to be able to withstand all these conditions.

Thus, choosing original parts also means choosing quality materials, very good fit, a reliable engine, proven safety standards, but also and above all the longevity of the wearing parts such as filters or brakes.

This is why even when the time comes when parts will inevitably have to be changed, you must always choose original parts, because only these have been designed according to the conditions required for the proper functioning of your Aixam cart.

Maintenance to guarantee the resistance of Aixam parts

The quality of Aixam parts is only one thing, what is necessary to guarantee their resistance, solidity and longevity is to always maintain your cart well. Indeed, even if it is true that an unlicensed car does not require as much servicing and maintenance compared to a normal car, it is always prudent to check under the hood from time to time.

Likewise, you should always entrust the replacement of parts to an authorized technician so that your vehicle can provide optimal performance. It is important to know that golf carts are subject to all kinds of stress and if you use poor quality parts to replace the original ones, this could have consequences on the operation of the engine in the long term.

The wisest thing would therefore be not only to ensure that Aixam parts work properly, but also to prepare for the possibility that they will have to be replaced sooner or later.

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