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How To Reduce The Electricity Consumption Of Electrical Appliances?

Several solutions can be put in place when it comes to saving money on your energy bills. In particular, controlling the consumption of your devices is essential! Your household appliances represent a significant part of your electricity consumption: avoiding overconsumption will allow you to make some savings, and what’s more, it will limit your environmental impact. To save money, you can also change your electricity contract. Find in this article our 4 tips for reducing consumption and saving on your bills!

1.Use a comparator to change your electricity contract

Want to reduce your energy bills? In addition to paying attention to your daily consumption, you can change your electricity contract! Most consumers have a contract with EDF. However, the historic supplier is not the only one to offer electricity contracts, and is certainly not the cheapest. Many suppliers offer much more competitive prices, and will allow you to make significant savings on your bills. 

You can use an electricity supplier comparator to find a cheaper subscription! Simulation tools are available to you online: they help you know approximately your annual consumption in kWh, and offer you contracts with more advantageous electricity suppliers ! Suppliers like Mint Energie or Leclerc Energie can indeed save you 15 to 20% on the price per kWh, which is not negligible. For reference, you will find a Mint Energie price list below. 

Prices for the Online & Green Mint Energie offer as of May 14, 2018:

Power subscribed(kVA)Basic pricing option
Subscription(€ including tax/year)Price per kWh(€ including tax/kWh)

2. Take advantage of cheap electricity thanks to the off-peak rate option

Some electricity contracts offer an “off-peak” pricing option. If you have the possibility, contact your energy supplier to take advantage of it! This option allows consumers to benefit from cheap electricity during certain time slots, most often at night. This way, you will be able to run your household appliances such as the dishwasher or your washing machine during these periods: you will save between 25 and 30% on the price per kWh!

Coupled with a contract with a cheaper electricity supplier , using off-peak hours will allow you to save money. To find out which suppliers allow you to benefit from time slots where electricity is cheaper , you can go to consumer forums to find customer reviews , or directly to the websites of electricity suppliers .

3.The right actions to adopt to reduce your electricity consumption

In addition to changing electricity supplier or contract, you can monitor your daily electricity consumption by adopting good habits! In addition to reducing your bills, you will limit your environmental impact by consuming less energy. So you have everything to gain!

First, avoid leaving your computers or televisions on standby. You will save up to 10% on your electricity bills, and reduce consumption 

of your devices by around 30%. You can also use economical modes to wash your dishes or laundry: your household appliances will consume less energy, since they will heat the water to a lower temperature. 

Also, if your heating system is electric, lowering the temperature of your interiors by one or two degrees can significantly reduce your electricity consumption. The share of the energy you use in your home related to heating is very large, and it is estimated that lowering the temperature by one degree reduces your electricity bill by 5 to 6%! Also avoid leaving the light on when you leave a room, and do not overuse your air conditioning system, which consumes a lot of energy. If possible, also avoid opening your windows when you are running your air conditioning or heating system.

4. Maintain your household appliances properly

Finally, know that proper maintenance of your household appliances will ensure that they do not consume more energy than necessary. The more damaged and poorly maintained a device is, the more electricity it will need to function properly! If you have appliances that are too old, changing them can be a good investment to save energy in the long term. More information here .

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