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3 Criteria To Consider When Choosing Your Energy Supplier In 2023

Energy Supplier

Energy Supplier Since 2007, a date which rhymes with the end of the monopoly on the distribution of electricity and gas of the two historic energy suppliers Engie (formerly GDF-Suez) and EDF, the subscription of its gas or electricity contract has become a real obstacle course for individuals. With more than thirty “alternative” suppliers and very varied offers, the choice has become really complicated. However, this strong competition has the advantage of allowing consumers to make real savings and optimize the management of their consumption. So what are the criteria to take to make a good choice?

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1st criterion: price

2nd criterion: The quality of customer service

3rd criterion: A green offer or not?

1st criterion  : price

To choose your electricity supplier, you must first consider the prices (price per kWh and subscription price) displayed when you take out your electricity contract . Generally, offers with a low kWh price have a slightly higher subscription and offers with a slightly higher kWh price have  a lower subscription . You should also know that the tariffs are of two kinds: on the one hand, there are  the regulated tariffs  that only EDF and Engie are authorized to market and on the other hand, there are the  so-called “market price” tariffs. » , that is to say set according to the suppliers’ specific objectives. Several suppliers, notably Total Direct Energie, offer reductions compared to the regulated tariff in force. Moreover, at the moment, this supplier is offering you the opportunity to make a subscription by taking advantage  of a sponsorship operation which will allow you to earn 40 euros on your subscription. Simply click on the  total direct energy sponsorship code  to benefit from it. We also advise you to choose a supplier who offers  clear and transparent offers.

2nd criterion  : The quality of customer service

It is important to check if your supplier’s customer service has  good availability . Indeed,  the quality of customer service  turns out to be an essential element which appears among the criteria that comparators study to classify suppliers. By choosing a supplier who meets this criterion, you will have answers at any time regarding your various problems and concerns, whether they are related to reducing your  electricity consumption , access to your customer area, explanations on your invoice, etc. For information,  the company Total Direct Energie  is one of the suppliers with the best customer service on the market. She has already obtained this qualification several times (11 times to be more precise). You therefore have everything to gain by subscribing via the total direct energy sponsorship code.

3rd criterion  : A green offer or not?

If you are eco-responsible,  that is to say a person who is concerned about protecting the environment? You must make sure to choose a green electricity or gas offer. Many suppliers today offer  100% green offers . By choosing this type of offer via total direct energy sponsorship code, you have the guarantee that part or even all of your consumption will be reinjected in the form of green electricity (solar electricity for example) into the electricity network. Please note that the majority of green offers are compensated by guarantees of origin.

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