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How to recreate a tropical atmosphere at home

Tropical style refers to heat and summer. This style is quite easy to spot and simple to integrate into your home. You still need to know how to recreate a tropical atmosphere at home. Like all types of decoration, the tropical style has its codes that must be mastered. The main elements of the tropical style are wood species, plants, and green. However, it is necessary to know how to organize everything. So how can you recreate a tropical atmosphere at home?

Important elements to recreate a tropical atmosphere at home

Tropical decoration makes you think of the sun and vacations. This style of decoration fits perfectly with summer. It is characterized by its lush plants, its natural materials and its shimmering colors. This style intends to take you on a journey into nature. If you want to recreate a tropical atmosphere at home or decorate your interior in a tropical style, you must integrate plants into your decoration. If you live in a very small space, you will nevertheless be able to bring greenery and the jungle into your home by creating your own tropical terrarium. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can still bring real plants into your home by creating a herbarium-style frame wall. Plant patterns will allow you to have your own green wall without maintenance. For this, there is nothing simpler. Check out the design objects with tropical patterns. Apply plant pattern wallpaper to a wall in your room to give it character and a strong personality. This style of decoration is ideal if you want to warm up your interior. On the other hand, the trap to avoid is the total look. You have to proceed with small touches of decoration, small accessories like a pocket in the shape of palm leaves or a vase.

The colors to favor recreating a tropical atmosphere at home

When it comes to colors, tropical style has an intrinsic connection to nature. This style has green as its basic color. This green is so attractive in decoration. It is attributed with soothing and restorative virtues. Green comes in so many different shades that it’s easy to find the one that suits you. Dark greens and precious greens are particularly trendy in this style of decoration. But you can also simply add a range of bright and shimmering colors (blue, red, yellow) or floral themes. On the other hand, you must be careful not to use more than three colors in your interior, taking care to make green dominate as in nature. If you are looking for an interior with a very marked and distinct decoration with character, opt for dark green like “  dark jungle  ”. On the other hand, if you are looking for lightness, you might be interested in “  water green  ”. You can also play the sobriety card and create a surprise with black and white jungle prints. So, you can choose to wallpaper a black and white fresco on a key wall in your room.

What furniture and plants should you choose to recreate a tropical atmosphere?

As for furniture, you can add a bohemian touch with fairly light woods such as rattan, cane work or even wicker. Bring nature into your home. Don’t hesitate to highlight plants by mixing indoor plants such as monstera, cactus or even palm trees. Arrange the different elements to bring out a touch of exoticism.

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