10 headboard decoration ideas for a teenager

If sleep has certainly become a luxury, it is then essential to preserve it as best as possible, especially among teenagers addicted to screens. For this, the quality of the mattress or bedding is essential, but it is also important to pay attention to aesthetics. Here are our ideas for an original headboard for teenagers.

Stickers on a headboard for teenagers

For a headboard for teenagers, the important thing is the decoration. We know teenagers and their whims so why not let them choose their environment? With wall stickers, they will also be able to make it evolve as they grow. The perfect solution!

A colorful headboard

Quite simple, but super effective, coloring your headboard is a good way to get your teenager involved in creating their environment. Offer him a variety of colors and get his hands dirty with paint, he will be grateful!

A natural headboard

The bedroom should be the place of rest. For this, there is nothing like using naturally soothing materials for a headboard for teenagers. Wicker, linen or raw wood will give a cozy and relaxed touch to the place, perfect for teenagers who are too often connected.

Recycling for your headboard

Recycling materials is fashionable everywhere. For a headboard, you can hunt through flea markets and find beautiful models to rework. Here again, you can get your teenager involved by having them sand, polish or varnish the structure.

A cozy headboard to protect sleep

Regardless of the material you use, know how to provide all the necessary comfort for your child so that he can recover. A headboard for teenagers can therefore be built in such a way as to protect them from noise , especially if you live in the city. So don’t hesitate to make it a cabin rather than a bed!

A studious headboard

The headboard can also be transformed into a bookcase . This has the advantage of limiting the space taken up by furniture in the bedroom, while improving the aesthetics of the room. For the teenager, it is also a reminder of the importance of studies for their future!

Fabrics for a soft headboard

A headboard for teenagers can also be made of fabric to optimize the pleasure of curling up in bed. You will find all kinds of tutorials on the internet showing you how to make beautiful, soft structures as you wish.

Graphic headboards for artists

Adolescence is a time when we discover ourselves. And often this involves practicing the arts . If your teenager is a future artist, let him express his creativity in painting, with stencils, headboard stickers or with his hands why not!

Why not a pallet headboard?

In the world of recycling that we have already mentioned, the palette occupies a special place. To make a simple and rustic headboard for teenagers, simply place one between the box spring and the wall. It won’t cost you anything and you can even put trinkets on it!

A slightly regressive headboard, but not too much

If your child is a young teenager, let him live his dreams, even if they seem a little simple for his age. Some people like football, cars, Spider-Man or a child’s room with a tepee until late and that’s not a bad thing!

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