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How to organize a free conference call?

The difficult experience of the last confinement was a way of the cross for most of our fellow citizens. The limitation of social contacts and the numerous constraints on our daily lives have forced us to adapt our practices and disrupt our habits. This principle also applies to companies that, to maintain their activity, have had to turn to innovative systems to perpetuate the link between employees, customers, and suppliers.

Videoconferencing has therefore become essential in the context of commercial work. Unknown to most employees, it has demonstrated its effectiveness in responding to the urgency of the crisis. Better yet, this type of remote meeting has quickly become anchored in work practices, to the point of establishing itself permanently in the corporate landscape. Today, hosting a free conference call is a common occurrence in most industries. Here’s how to do it.

The conference call is an essential tool for today’s business

With the imposition of social distancing measures, most companies have encouraged their employees to opt for teleworking. This originally health-related measure quickly became part of employees’ habits and today, organizing a free conference call is a common and well-established action. With the help of specialized players like Angage, companies benefit from secure, efficient platforms available all over the world. Important advantages in the race for competitiveness.

today the best way to connect men and women who work for a company and must travel to carry out their task? Expanding globalization often forces teams to travel to negotiate, meet, or prospect. With tools that are easy to use and instinctive like those from Angage, you will be able to create continuity between your colleagues to constantly adjust your actions.

Organize a free conference call with Angage

The different tools offered by Engage cover all business connection needs. Some are more focused on audio conferencing to allow you to bring additional tools to your meetings. We are thinking in particular of the possibility of sending quizzes or surveys to participants but also of all the software tools which allow, for example, the debates to be transcribed and recorded, all with optimal audio quality!

To go further, Angage also offers more specific tools. Engage. events, for example, is a secure, user-friendly, and customizable SaaS platform that allows you to enrich your conferences with very useful features. For example, you can share contact networks, integrate videos, or embed the profiles of speakers. With Engage, organizing a free conference call has never been so simple and so useful!

The advantages of the conference call

If the conference call has become an essential tool for business growth, it is first and foremost because it fully responds to the challenges of corporate responsiveness. Knowing how to react quickly and well requires creating the link between the different departments of your brand and in a fragmented world, only live conferences make it possible to establish and coordinate relevant strategies to respond to crises.

Organizing a free conference call is also the possibility of strengthening internal links within the company. By connecting regularly, participants put names and sounds to faces, and get to know each other’s characters and needs. The hierarchy then takes on a more human appearance and the vertical directives fit better into the company’s management processes. With this additional weapon, you will be more responsive, more efficient, and stronger!

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