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How To Learn Sign Language To Speak With Deaf People?

Learning a foreign language is always enriching. Whether we intend to travel to the country where we study the language or simply wish to be able to come into contact with individuals around us, immersing ourselves in a language allows us to come into contact with a culture and very often an entire universe. And this is particularly true when we decide to learn sign language to speak with deaf people and open the door to a world totally different from ours. Explanations.

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Why learn sign language?

Online training to learn sign language

The French School and its assets

Why learn sign language?

Learning sign language is an enriching experience in many ways. Above all, this choice allows us to come into contact with often invisible individuals such as the deaf and hard of hearing. Indeed, society as a whole has little regard for difference and often simply ignores it. By choosing to begin sign language training , we take note of the presence around us of rich and interesting people whose world of communication can bring us a lot.

Beyond meeting different people, learning sign language also allows us to adopt new modes of communication and to question our relational habits. Indeed, sign language stimulates the development of attention , particularly through listening and looking at others. Better yet, this allows you to immerse yourself in a very little-known but extremely rich culture while expanding your personal possibilities.

Online training to learn sign language

We now understand why learning sign language is so interesting and important . It remains to be seen how to do it. Indeed, for those who were not born into a hearing-impaired family, information is rare on how to approach this vast culture that is that of the deaf. Fortunately, to learn LSF, or French Sign Language , there are many solutions available to you, notably thanks to the power of the Internet and its networks.

Like many aspects of our society, digital technology has enabled many advances in the training of sign language. This is why certain institutions have embarked on setting up programs dedicated to this learning based on their teaching knowledge and the tools already developed. This is particularly the case of the École Française , an organization recognized for the quality of its teaching.

The French School and its assets

The French school is a training organization which provides lessons on multiple themes and subjects. It is renowned for the quality of its speakers and validated by famous names like Jean-Louis Debré or Luc Ferry for example. But if it is also appreciated by those who wish to learn sign language, it is mainly thanks to the flexibility of the system, its accessibility and the quality of student monitoring.

The 100% online and at-home training fits perfectly into the context of the health crisis which limits our daily travel. In 4 weeks, you will be able to learn the basics of LSF at your own pace. In addition, you can book several videoconference support sessions on the day and time of your choice.

Finally, the training is certified, recognized by the State and financed through the Professional Training Account. For a year 2021 dedicated to competence!

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