How to equip yourself for motorcycling in winter?

Although most motorcycling use their motorcycles during the summer period, some motorcyclists are keen to ride all year round and in all weather conditions. Freedom, time-saving, cost, work, pleasure… the reasons are numerous. But so that riding a motorcycle in winter does not become an ordeal, the biker must equip himself with adequate equipment. Here is the main motorcycle equipment.

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Motorcycle jacket and pants

Motorcycle gloves

Extreme cold equipment for motorcyclists

Motorcycle jacket and pants

Elements of both comfort and safety, the jacket and pants must be durable, warm and comfortable . There are all-in-one equipment such as wetsuits, ideal for long journeys, and jackets or jackets. The number one enemy to fight in the event of cold and rain is the wind which will intrude into any space left free. It is therefore advisable to choose clothing with several layers equipped with zips. Then long clothes are more effective than simple jackets which do not protect the lower back. As for the pants, they must be airtight and watertight. Be careful to only choose breathable clothing.


Choose with caution because they are both elements of safety and comfort. Bad gloves can cause you to behave dangerously because they are not adapted to your body type. Long gloves with cuffs, waterproof and sometimes heated are best suited.

Extreme cold equipment for motorcyclists

For those who ride in more extreme conditions or at least for longer periods of time, other equipment supports the above equipment. This concerns, for example, the underlays that will be added. A hood, even a light one, is ideal for preventing cold drafts in the back of the neck, around the ears or neck. Thin tights will keep body heat on the legs, the same goes for an undershirt.

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