24 hours in the shoes of a jewelry designer!

Jewelry is a fairly widespread cultural or fashion accessory. These are necklaces, bracelets, chains, watches and even pendants that display aesthetics, quality, elegance and, generally, great value. Jewelry is a popular accessory among the general public. They have everything to fascinate. Furthermore, to whom do we owe these beautiful creations?

Indeed, behind these much-loved objects, we find jewelry designers or jewelers carrying out work that is art. Immersion in the world of the jewelry designer: find all the answers!

Jewelry designer: an exciting profession

Many careers require commitment, perseverance and curiosity. Between the design and the manufacturing itself, the creation of jewelry requires knowledge of various concepts related to materials, modeling and drawing. To succeed in this field, you necessarily need good artistic training and a passion for history. On the other hand, you also have to follow fashion and its trends.

Indeed, what allows the creator to make his creation known to the general public is the passion for his work. Moreover, it is for this reason that we find in this field many artists who are passionate about the material . These artists are sometimes passionate about many other things which often constitute sources of inspiration.

Like his works, the jewelry artist relies above all on the environment that surrounds him, in order to continually enrich his know-how. A seasoned connoisseur of noble metals, the artisan jeweler is capable of polishing gold as well as silver . Furthermore, he must master the language of precious stones to perfection. In addition, a jewelry designer worthy of the name must:

  • know how crystals form;
  • have knowledge of the characteristics specific to each variety of gems;
  • master the cutting techniques and setting that suits each stone.

These are all skills that are necessary for a jewelry designer. Thus, the know-how and training of the designers make it possible to have unique, original or tailor-made pieces. Just like the painter or the sculptor, the artisan jeweler exercises his art by combining technique and emotion .

How to become a jewelry designer?

Training in jewelry design requires a CAP or a certificate (BMA) in art and techniques in jewelry making . However, becoming a true master in the art of jewelry design requires a lot of time as well as specific lessons that go far beyond basic professional skills.

Creation is a relatively personal process. In addition to technical knowledge and skills, training must lead the student to develop their own abilities . Indeed, each craftsman has his own techniques. From this, each creation acquires a beautiful originality.

Indeed, it is important to include in your training the teaching of creative methods , the discovery of new tools as well as digital technologies. Becoming a jewelry designer is far from an easy journey. With perseverance, creativity and passion, it is still possible to achieve it. Needless to say, some people have an intrinsic talent for this art.

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