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How to enjoy your garden in the middle of summer?

Summer is just around the corner and you can’t wait because summer means meals, naps, and relaxation in the garden. But you also fear the vagaries of the weather which could prevent you from being able to take full advantage of it: the heatwave, the rain, the wind…
Let’s see how, using summer pergolas, we can remove these fears.

Pergola and sun protection

The pergola will first of all help protect you from the sun and UV rays which can become very annoying during your meals; by simply creating a roof over your head in a dedicated space in your garden.

Indeed, the Bioclimatic pergola and its 180°C adjustable slats give you excellent protection against the sun’s rays.

These blades being adjustable, you can then adapt the quantity of light which penetrates into your pergola.

You can say goodbye to the sun’s rays that dazzle you and bombard you with UV rays while eating, during your nap or when you read your favorite book.

If you opt for a freestanding aluminum pergola, you ensure, in addition to protection against the sun, a strong and distinctive architectural element in your garden.

Do you want to decide on the amount of sunshine in your pergola space? The roll-up canvas pergola opens and closes entirely using a remote control and silent motorization. Perfect for deciding on the level of sunshine: full sun for sunbathing and closed for lunch with friends sheltered from the sun!

Pergola and heat protection

By protecting you from the sun’s rays, the pergola also allows you to be cooler. But that’s not all ! By adjusting the slats of the bioclimatic pergola as you wish, you can also regulate the quantity of air entering your pergola.

With your summer pergola you create a real micro climate allowing you to be outside in the middle of a heatwave without suffering from the heat!

A significant advantage!

Pergola and rain protection

Summer often rhymes with sunshine, but unfortunately mother nature is not always of this opinion and sometimes the weather is downright rainy. Enough to undermine our morale because we find ourselves forced to lock ourselves inside again even though the temperature is still pleasant…

But this is not the case thanks to the summer pergola which also protects you by rainy weather. The most to shelter you if the rain or the wind arrives from the side sides? The glass walls will be your ally. They protect and provide a very strong architectural aspect.

The pergola therefore allows you to fully enjoy your garden during the summer, regardless of the climate or the weather. Thanks to the different types of pergolas available on the market (bioclimatic, self-supporting, rollable, etc.), we can adapt as best as possible to your desires in order to create a real little tailor-made cocoon for you.

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