Flowers To Give That We Don’t Think About Often Enough

Giving flowers is an original gift idea for any occasion. To do this, you just need to choose the flowers carefully, taking into account not only the tastes of the recipient but also the circumstances. However, certain varieties are often wrongly overlooked when giving flowers. Which ones represent gifts with high symbolic value?

Opt for an eternal rose

Rare and imperishable, the eternal rose is a flower that allows you to express your deepest feelings. Its unique character makes it a perfect gift idea for all occasions (wedding, birthday, baptism, funeral, etc.). When you give it to a loved one, the eternal rose makes you feel important and considered as such. One of the characteristics of the eternal rose which commands admiration is the fact that it does not require any particular maintenance to last over time.

The eternal rose comes in a wide range of colors which each meet specific needs and tastes. The most popular are pink, orange, carmine, red, champagne and the timeless white eternal rose. They show love, friendship, respect, but also consideration.

As we can see on this online store , it is possible to find eco-responsible eternal roses . These are grown in France and prepared by artisan florists who offer original artisanal creations.

A bouquet of tulips to get off the beaten track

Just like the rose, the tulip is a symbolic flower that should be considered when you want to please a loved one. It is a plant native to Türkiye and Persia. It boomed in the 17th century and has been talked about ever since.

Depending on its color and the circumstances in which it is offered, this flower has various meanings. If the loved one you want to surprise likes flowers, a tulip is a perfect idea. Indeed, tulips are rare flowers whose beauty is unanimously appreciated. Offered in a bouquet, the tulip allows you to express several emotions such as passion, love and admiration.

Depending on the message you want to convey, you will inevitably find the appropriate tulip . When it is colored:

  • yellow, the plant symbolizes joyful thoughts,
  • white, it is the flower of forgiveness,
  • red, this flower represents passionate love,
  • violet, it is a symbol of royalty, etc.

Note that to compose the bouquet of tulips to offer, you can use several colors. This meaningful gift is sure to please.

Offer a bouquet of nigella

A small annual plant with aerial flowering, nigella represents an original idea for a flower to offer . In fact, the flower is usually used in all kinds of phytotherapeutic treatments. It serves as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antihistamine. It is also an immuno-stimulating plant. It is therefore not obvious to many people that it can be used to make a bouquet of flowers.

There is a wide variety of black cumin with various colors. The main ones are blue, white, purple and pink. Carefully choose the flowers that will make up your bouquet to optimize the effect of this gift on your loved one.

Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or a retirement, a bouquet of black cumin is a sure bet. With their bright and sparkling colors, these flowers easily transmit positive vibes to the person who receives them.

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