Valentine’s Day: Trends In Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are at the heart of celebrating love. These are combinations of several species of different colors that vary according to trends. In this new year, florists are once again playing the game to delight everyone’s hearts. To do this, they opt for originality by daring exotic species or by taking inspiration from new products on social networks. Would you like to give flowers to your partner on February 14? We present to you the latest trends to celebrate love in all beauty.

An innovative mix of textures and colors

To make your gift original, rely on a mixture of textures and colors to create a unique bouquet . You can opt for a combination of flowers with velvety and satiny petals. These plant species are known for their sweetness, but also their great delicacy. They are perfect to show your love for your loved one.

By mixing these textures, you also mix a wide palette of colors and scents. For example, you can use garden roses, peonies, dahlias, etc. It is also possible to create a beautiful color gradient with flowers from the same family or closely related colors.

Such a mixture of colors allows you to bring your bouquet to life while giving it more depth. For example, you can combine flowers whose color shades vary from light red to dark red to purple red. Get creative by opting for a striking contrast.

Here, it’s about combining floral species in bright colors with those in soft colors. Everything will be highlighted by the green leaves. Regardless of the type of arrangement chosen, you can benefit from a special Valentine’s Day flower delivery from your florist.

Exotic and rare flowers: a touch of originality

Exotic flowers are less common than the classic versions offered on Valentine’s Day. They then constitute a better option for offering an original and unique present as your partner is in your eyes. They are available in several colors and scents, which allows you to make an infinite number of floral arrangements. In addition, exotic flowers are appreciated for their refinement and elegance.

They therefore bring a luxurious touch to your gift. Orchids are very popular exotic flowers for Valentine’s Day. They symbolize beauty, grace and passion. They are also associated with love and femininity.

Orchids come in many shapes and colors. In addition, they resist time. They constitute the guarantee of lasting, even eternal, love. The oriental lily brings a touch of elegance to your floral arrangement. Its particular shape as well as its pleasant scent allow you to express sincere and deep feelings. It stands out from other flowers thanks to these different advantages. Furthermore, anthurium is also ideal for celebrating love. Its heart-shaped petals allow you to express your feelings.

The impact of social networks on contemporary floral choices

Social networks keep us up to date with new trends . They offer us an infinite amount of content adapted to all needs. As Valentine’s Day approaches, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are offering ideas for gifts and floral arrangements. There is something for everyone, with different colors, textures and styles. You can consult user reviews to guide your choice. There are also videos showing the reactions of people who received these bouquets.

With social media, all the conditions are there to allow you to make the best bouquets for your loved one. You can draw inspiration from this content to create your own compositions. In addition, social networks also advertise many florists. They inform you of promotional offers to take advantage of to benefit from excellent value for money. However, make sure that the trendy bouquet will please your partner. To do this, take into account their preferences. You can also revisit the proposed composition.

Eco-responsible bouquets, a growing trend

The problem of protecting the planet is gradually affecting all areas. Thus, thanks to a more ecological approach, eco-responsible bouquets are attracting more and more people. They aim to minimize the carbon footprint and contribute to the promotion of sustainable agriculture. To celebrate love, choose seasonal flowers . Roses, lilacs, dahlias and many others will please your partner. Opt for several color shades.

Bouquets of edible flowers are also a great idea. There are sweet and slightly spicy flavors . In addition to being pleasing to the eye, they have better scents. Untreated roses, violets or lavender are sure to delight the palate.

Always in an ecological approach, use dried and eternal flowers . Synonymous with eternal love, immortelle retains all its beauty after drying. The same goes for lavender which keeps its beautiful purple color. It gives off a sweet and very pleasant scent, evoking tenderness. If your partner likes aromatic plants, you can also make a bouquet for their pleasure.

The evolution of bouquet packaging

In the past, the packaging used for Valentine’s Day was romantic gift wrapping. They were represented with the colors of love as well as varied patterns. There were generally shades of red, pink or white. These packaging bore meaningful designs, tender words, etc. They were generally made of plastic or non-degradable synthetic materials.

But with time and awareness of the impact of this packaging on the environment, users have turned to recycled paper and reusable packaging . These packaging now constitute the packaging of floral arrangements. They are less expensive and space-saving.

To add a touch of elegance to the bouquets, they are placed directly in vases with elegant designs. The vases used are transparent, which recalls the purity of love. They are also very practical. Additionally, they may bear other flowers or serve other purposes. Always looking for originality, more and more users are making their own packaging , drawing inspiration from DIY ideas . They use various materials for this purpose. For example, we find wicker baskets, painted ceramic vases, etc. Some people also opt for vases with printed patterns.

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