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Everything you need to know about adjusting the alignment of a car

Toe alignment is an important adjustment that affects the handling of a car. It not only determines the safety of the vehicle but also the pleasure and comfort of the driver throughout the journey. Unfortunately, many drivers hear about it around them, but few know exactly what it is about. What is the alignment adjustment of a car? When should you adjust the alignment of your car? Our explanations!

What is car alignment adjustment?

Adjusting the alignment of a car is a mechanical operation that involves determining the angle of a vehicle’s tires to each other, as well as the angle that the tires have about the ground. It is expressed in degrees or millimeters and requires that the two of the vehicle are parallel. Measurements are taken independently between the front and rear wheels of the vehicle. The alignment adjustment can be done by anyone who has solid experience in auto mechanics. To do this, mechanical professionals use a pre-calibrated bench or measuring devices equipped with laser beams and take safety precautions. Once carried out, the alignment adjustment reduces premature tire wear, provides better driving comfort, and optimizes fuel consumption. Depending on the adjustment to be made, we speak of neutral adjustment when the four wheels are parallel to each other, of pinched or positive parallelism when two wheels force towards each other, and of open or negative parallelism when the tires force in opposite directions.

When should this adjustment be made?

To carry out the alignment adjustment, there must be a lack of alignment on the car. This defect can be caused by driving up a sidewalk at high speed, driving over a pothole, or a collision during which the bearing has suffered damage. Its manifestations are uncomfortable driving, premature wear of the tire tread, sudden changes in straight-line trajectories leading to turns, and excessive fuel consumption. When you notice one of these anomalies, know that there is a lack of parallelism. It must therefore be corrected without delay because it is for your safety and that of road users. So go to your garage or even an auto center. Depending on the model of your vehicle, the adjustment will cost you between 50 and 70 euros.

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