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How to know if you need to do an impact repair on a windshield or replace the glazing

A car journey often generates its share of surprises. The latter are sometimes pleasant: at the bend of an unknown highway, the driver finds himself lost in the middle of an enchanting setting of which he did not suspect the existence. But it can also be a piece of gravel thrown by another car, which creates an unusual shape on the windshield in a fraction of a second. Therefore, how can we know if carrying out an impact repair will be enough to eliminate this task or if it is an irreversible after-effect requiring changing the entire glazing?

An impact can turn into a crack: do not hesitate to quickly consult a specialist to carry out an impact repair

To answer as quickly as possible the question of whether you should simply carry out an impact repair or on the contrary seek to replace all of your glazing, it remains essential to consult a specialist straight away. Indeed, if we wait too long, this question will naturally find its outcome. Because you should know that an impact can turn into a crack which is then impossible to repair. Indeed, a sudden temperature change, but also simply driving over a speed bump or a pothole are among the factors that can transform a basic impact into a crack ( source of information). It is therefore advisable to contact a professional such as Carglass without delay, whose experts will be able to inform the driver of the extent of the damage.

The impact size criterion

Generally speaking, it is fundamental to differentiate between impacts and cracks. While repairing an impact is possible under certain conditions, a real crack will result in mandatory windshield replacement. To know if it is enough to make an impact repair or if a change of glazing is necessary, we must first consider the size and shape of the alteration. We call an impact a star-shaped or bull’s-eye spot not exceeding a diameter of one inch, easily measurable with a two-euro coin. If the latter completely covers the stain, repair will probably be possible. On the other hand, a crack is characterized by a cut of greater length. If you are dealing with an impact, it is crucial not to make it worse by quickly defrosting your windshield or putting too much stress on the glass.

Factors related to depth and location of impact

Despite everything that one must do to obtain a driving license, little knowledge is taught in this context to know when to make an impact repair and when to replace the glazing. However, even if the alteration is limited to a circle with a diameter of less than one inch, the windshield may still need to be changed. This is for example the case when the impact has passed through all layers of the glass, including the internal plastic layer. This is still true when the impacts occur in areas located near the edge of the glazing because the impacts are then more likely to compromise the structural integrity of the windshield. There is therefore rarely a pre-established response in the event of a shock.

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