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Dolphin pool robots, the simplest robots for cleaning a pool

If there is one accessory that symbolizes luxury in a home, it is the swimming pool. It is not for nothing that some people decide to have one built even though they live only a few dozen meters from the sea: the swimming pool is not simple, it is a marker of prestige. And like any ornament, it should shine permanently to arouse envy and respect. This is why it is recommended to equip yourself with Dolphin pool robots. Explanations.

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Why use a robot to clean your pool?

Dolphin pool robots and their advantages

Ensure perfect cleaning of your pool

Why use a robot to clean your pool?

As we have said, the swimming pool is a luxury accessory, which should above all allow you to shine in society. Nothing could be more counterproductive than having such an infrastructure while neglecting its maintenance. And if you have already tried to clean a pool by hand, armed with a landing net and a brush, you understand why the pool robot is a great asset to simplify your task and save you time precious.

Furthermore, using a pool robot to clean the bottom of the pool is also essential to ensure water hygiene, especially if you have children, who rarely pay attention to their body cleanliness before jumping into the pool. We also remind you that, as with any other equipment, investing in effective maintenance and upkeep tools always allows you to extend the life of your possessions. But why are Dolphin pool robots so often recommended by experts?

Dolphin pool robots and their advantages

Dolphin pool robots are above all versatile tools, capable of adapting to all possible and imaginable coverings. They are also compact and easily maneuverable, allowing anyone to transport them to the pool and then put them in the water easily. The simplicity of programming cycles is also an interesting asset, for those who want to take advantage of their time to do something other than take care of a robot.

Despite its ease of use, the Dolphin robot is very effective since its cleaning cycles last around two hours, even in sloping pools. Its featherweight combined with an extraordinary gripping capacity allows it to tackle dirt accumulated at the bottom but also on the walls. It is even capable of picking up the largest debris such as leaves or algae!

Ensure perfect cleaning of your pool

While Dolphin robots are extremely efficient, that doesn’t mean they are omnipotent. Please note that it is essential to respect certain practices if you want to keep your water clean and clear for as long as possible. And when we know that exceptional restrictions on the use of the precious liquid will become usual shortly, we understand the interest of these practices and the use of a Dolphin robot.

So make sure to limit the entry of dirt into the pool when you enter the water. Installing a small footbath is always a good idea, for example. Also, remember to regularly prune the trees near your swimming pool to limit the intake of organic matter. If the use of the home automation robot is indeed a daily aid, that does not mean that we must rely on its capabilities!

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