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The advantages of electric pool cleaner robots

Cleaning a swimming pool is, more than anything, a health issue. Those who like to dive into the water, or do laps to relax or build muscle, need the water to be clean, to prevent any germs from developing there. However, it is not just the water, that can be the vector of bacteria, but also the pool itself.

Dirt that falls on the surface tends to flow or collect along the walls, particularly on the water line. So in addition to the usual treatments recommended by swimming pool specialists, it is necessary to clean the pool coating. However, this task can be as unrewarding as it is time-consuming and exhausting. So what can you do to ensure that the pool is spotless and the water crystal clear? Just get an electric pool robot and let it clean the pool itself.

The electric robot cleaner is autonomous

Why is the electric pool robot the best cleaning device for residential pools? Quite simply because it is the one that requires the least human intervention. This is how it works:

  1. we connect it to an electrical transformer
  2. it plugs into the mains, via a conventional electrical outlet
  3. the electric swimming pool robot is placed   in the water (safe for the user because it is equipped with a low-voltage electric motor)
  4. we press a button
  5. the robot travels through the entire pool, cleaning the pool by brushing the bottom, even the walls and the water line, depending on the model
  6. in doing so, it sucks and filters impurities (its filters are integrated)
  7. once its cycle, pre-programmed or freely programmable, is finished, the robot is taken out of the water
  8. we extract its filters and pass them with a water jet

This is why we can say that it does not need anyone to clean a swimming pool and that, for its users, it is certainly the simplest way to have an impeccable swimming pool.

The electric pool robot is efficient

The big advantage of the electric pool robot is that it is capable of cleaning a swimming pool like no other device.

Brushing the covering

Dolphin-brand electric pool robots have a brush which is located at the front of the device. The caterpillars are located just behind it. They are operated using electrical energy and allow the robot to move forward, once it has landed at the bottom of the water.

At the same time, the brush is started and it turns on itself, at a speed twice as fast as the motor that drives the tracks, which means that while moving forward, the robot actively brushes the covering of the swimming pool, whatever it is: liner, PVC, polyester, concrete… there are brushes suitable for all types of coverings.

Suction and filtration of impurities

While traveling through the pool, the electric robot brushes and lifts dirt, even that which is encrusted on the pool covering. Driven under the robot by the action of the brush and the forward movement, all the impurities that are extracted are then sucked inside the device.

There, a system of filters retains them and therefore clean water comes out into the pool after the robot has passed. For certain models of electric pool robots (such as the Dolphin ranges), there are two types of filters, one for larger debris, and the other for fine particles.

Electric pool robots are smart

The fact that they are powered by electricity allows manufacturers of electric swimming pool robots (low voltage motors) to equip them with various technologies:

  • an intelligent scanning system, that analyzes the distances between two walls, to optimize the movement of the device underwater
  • detection of objects or toys that could have fallen to the bottom of the pool, which allows you to go around them instead of bumping into them and stopping
  • remote control using a remote control
  • very modern connectivity (Wifi, Bluetooth®), which not only allows you to guide the robot in its movements but also to launch a chosen program, from several pre-recorded ones
  • a system to remind the robot to approach the edge when it has finished cleaning the pool.

Tomorrow, who knows what the next generation of robots will be capable of, with the advancement of digital technologies?

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