DIY around the house: repair instead of throwing away!

Due to the reign of overconsumption, we have lost the culture of repair. In fact, more and more people throw away damaged items too easily instead of trying to restore them. However, at a time when ecology and environmental preservation are at the center of concerns, it is better to tinker and repair instead of throwing away then buying again and increasing pollution. Topo.

Buy spare parts for DIY at lower costs

If you need to repair a broken roller shutter, for example, you can very easily obtain the appropriate spare parts on dedicated platforms. Virtual stores that sell parts and accessories often offer them at the best price to help you modernize, repair and install your new equipment.

The most useful spare parts for repair: the case of the roller shutter

The shutter is a device that can fail. Many people may be tempted to get rid of them, however, roller shutters are quite easy to repair . As soon as you notice that a part is broken, replace it quickly even if there is no particular malfunction while the shutter is rolling up. It can continue to function normally, but the risk of rapid wear is greater if a part is missing or damaged . Among the parts that will be most useful to you when tinkering with your roller shutter in the event of a minor failure are the rings, fasteners or stops. You may also need brackets, toggles, flanges, cheeks, hubs, cranks, pulleys, winches, tulipages, tubes, box outlets, end caps and tandems. It has also become very easy to choose the right spare part for your roller shutter , thanks to specialized sites.

Good choice of spare parts

It is essential to understand the usefulness of a spare part in order to choose it wisely. Once this is identified, it will be easy for you to find the one you need. Specialized brands often offer several varieties and this is where the choice can be a little complicated. When you come across pieces that look the same, start by taking a look at their descriptions to see the difference . Most of the time it is a difference in size, but it is very important so that the part is compatible with the shutter.

Tinkering and repairing: the solutions to get there

There are several reasons to tinker with your faulty or broken devices. If you are a good handyman, you will enjoy it, while if you are a novice, it will be an opportunity to learn how to DIY. Other options are also available to you to enjoy functional equipment again.

Why DIY instead of throwing away?

Besides the love of DIY, the other reason that justifies repairing objects instead of throwing them away is economic. Looking more closely, we see that the malfunction is quite easy to repair . Sometimes all it takes is a change of seal, belt or fuse to get the device working properly again. Everything is done at a lower cost, because often the parts do not cost more than ten euros, which is not much compared to the cost of new equipment. Finally, repairing objects is an eco-responsible gesture, household appliances are difficult to recycle, certain components are polluting and bad for the environment.

Solutions for repairing broken items

When a device breaks down, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ruined. Nowadays, we tend to throw away things that could easily be repaired. If you are not handy, you can ask those around you (friends, family, colleagues, neighbors) to help you with the repair. You can also follow online tutorials that guide you through the steps to follow or take DIY classes. Another solution is to use the services of repairers who offer this service. They will be able to provide you with the necessary spare parts and restore your equipment to good working order.

The most repaired products and DIY fashion

During confinement, the discovered or rediscovered the pleasure of tinkering and repairing associated with other manual activities . Today, reparation is also increasingly better perceived, because more and more people are receptive to it.

The repair trend

In our current consumer society, more and more households prefer to get rid of their household appliances (washing machine, hotplates, etc.) as soon as they become defective. Somehow, manufacturers encourage this behavior because they continually release revolutionary products with cutting-edge features, yet it is often just marketing. Faced with them, we are more inclined to replace old equipment with new ones, even if the malfunction is slight. The lifespan of current household appliances is also very shortened . However, in recent years, due to precariousness and the financial crisis, more and more French people are refusing to get rid of their broken down property. They choose to repair them themselves and distribution companies have created their “repair” departments in order to adapt to this new behavior.

The products we repair the most

Those who want to reduce their waste, but also to strive for a healthier and less polluted environment, are happy to be seduced by repairs and DIY. In French homes, the products that are most often repaired are computers, roller shutters, bicycles, jewelry and watches . This list also includes thermal lawn mowers, furniture and dishwasher. Conversely, household appliances and certain computer equipment are sometimes replaced immediately as soon as they present a malfunction. We more naturally have the reflex to acquire a new toaster, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, iron or printer. The same goes for leisure and sports equipment or equipment intended for the bathroom, which is very regrettable.

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