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Baby fashion: the essential accessories to face winter

How to dress a baby fashion in winter? This is the question that all mothers ask themselves from the first frost, and for good reason: before the age of two, the immune system is far from being ready and the body does not know how to regulate temperature, which which makes toddlers particularly vulnerable to the cold. Hence the importance of dressing them warmly and covering them.

What clothes to spend a peaceful winter?

For outings, it is best to adopt  the onion technique : this consists of layering several layers of clothing, which can be removed one by one depending on the temperature. To keep baby warm, first put him on a  long-sleeved bodysuit  and a  bra  before putting his outfit on.

Baby fashion

to add  tights under your pants  and choose small  wool slippers over shoes, which will be warmer and more comfortable. The head must also always be well protected, because this is where the heat escapes first. So don’t forget the  hat  or, even better, the  balaclava . Finally, be sure to choose a good parka to insulate it from the cold and rain!

Inside the house , you should also cover your baby well in winter as long as he is not yet very active. By combining a long-sleeved bodysuit, a woolen bralette and  a velvet sleepsuit , you’ve got it all! To dress baby, opt for  soft and natural materials , which do not irritate the skin and keep you warm.  Wool and cotton  are a good choice.

Accessories, yes… But which ones?

The traditional  pilot suit , which opens at the front and allows baby to be easily installed both in the stroller and in the car seat, is one of the essentials. As it completely envelops the baby, it won’t give the cold a chance! We even find some with  integrated mittens and slippers .

The  angel’s nest  is an alternative to the pilot suit. It is a kind of  enveloping sleeping bag , equipped with a hood and sometimes slots to pass the harness of the car seat or stroller. Fans of long strolls in a stroller will prefer the  footmuff , designed to adapt to different seats. Finally, mothers looking for maximum versatility will opt for the  nomadic blanket  which, thanks to its ergonomic cut, will be used for all trips.

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