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Fashion: ultra trendy overalls

This year is no exception to the rule: fashion and retro look enthusiasts can wear overalls. This garment consists of high-waisted pants whose front extends upwards and which is attached with straps created in 1844 and an iconic piece of the 90s is making a comeback like many of the pieces in our dressing like the darling. Close-up on a real must-have in a wardrobe for spring-summer 2018.

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How to wear overalls?

Tips for being stylish

The little extras that change everything

How to wear overalls?

An authentic garment with the “vintage” stamp, overalls have successfully survived the decades . Exit the tomboy look, the “Breton mover” look in particular, overalls are becoming bankable again and are being reinvented to the great pleasure of all fashion enthusiasts.

Therefore, here are some tips for wearing this fashion piece like all the Hollywood stars – Kate Bosworth, Lily Aldridge, Keira Knightley among others – who wear it on all occasions. 

Tips for being stylish

In city style , the overalls are worn slightly rolled up at the bottom – simply roll up the bottom of the pants, making a small hem towards the outside – to subtly reveal the ankles. So no more bell-bottom models! As for accessories, it is better to focus on silver jewelry and a small clutch. And, to stylize the outfit that is both hip and sophisticated , a pair of pumps and a blouse in flowing material.

For those who prefer a casual or relaxed style , it is better to swap your pumps for a pair of espadrilles or sandals. Then, a t-shirt or lace top perfects the style. To make everything more feminine, there’s nothing like coral lipstick and round glasses. A bag worn over the shoulder with a bit of a retro feel and that’s it. Another alternative: the %90s look. Even if it means wearing overalls, you might as well hit the pavement with one of the latest pairs of fashionable sneakers , an iconic printed t-shirt from the 90s with its light denim overalls of course. 

The little extras that change everything

Whatever your desires, whatever your style, the key is to limit the denim piece to overalls to avoid the total look. It is also better to avoid the Kurt Cuban shirt unless you are confident. Finally, you should opt for a model of overalls that suits your body shape . And for good reason, like all clothing, overalls should not weigh down the appearance, but enhance the silhouette. Tall and rather slender people will preferably choose a model that is tight at the ankles and closest to the body. For body types with generous shapes, it is again better to prefer fitted overalls and combine them with high heels or wedge shoes. For shorter people, overalls or shorts are the best option for lengthening the silhouette. And, finally, the detail that changes everything: dropping a strap to give the impression of a falsely neglected look.

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