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Are you moving soon? Here are some useful tips!

Need to move without the hassle? We offer you some tips to avoid making mistakes. Because in the end, moving isn’t just about putting furniture or equipment in a truck. It’s much more! Whether you are an individual or a professional, you will need to anticipate the operation and not skimp on safety. We tell you everything!

For individuals :

Transport, an essential point

This is the main concern of those who are moving. For a few kilometers or hundreds of kilometers, trailer rental is the ideal solution for this type of operation. Indeed, in a covered trailer, with a cover or simple railing, you can transport everything at once. All you have to do is attach it to the back of your car. So, you will travel with your vehicle. Which is reassuring. Owners of boats, motorcycles or other recreational vehicles know the difficulties of transportation. This is why it is also possible to rent so-called “flatbed” trailers.

Protective equipment to avoid breakage

We often think about it at the last moment, but protective materials for the furniture to be transported are essential. Protective covers made of polyester are most practical for covering the floors where your furniture and objects will be placed. There is also bubble wrap to prevent your belongings from being knocked during transport. Newsprint would also be effective and would allow recycling. Also, consider making it easier to move your furniture and objects with hand trucks or carts. They will help you avoid hurting your back while carrying your belongings in your arms. Last thing: gloves will be very useful during your move. They will protect your hands from splinters or sharp objects.

For professionals :

Logistics above all

This is the basics of a successful move for a professional. If you want to move your warehouse or headquarters, you must organize well in advance. You have to number your stocks carefully, think about how the structures will be moved on the ground while being rigorous about safety. A team must be formed to think about the moving process and consider all possible scenarios. What’s better than calling on professionals for support? Professionals who will provide you with their advice and moving equipment. Boels is a leading brand in this field. Elevators, lifting straps, cranes and transport: you will have what you need for all stages of your move.

Moving heavy equipment, a professional matter

To move heavy equipment, you need solid and safe equipment. You also need staff accustomed to moving heavy and delicate objects. Packaging, handling, transport and security: these are the essential steps for moving without complications. It is with professional training and extensive experience that we come to avoid making mistakes. Of course, moving is an investment to be calculated but it will bring benefits in the long term. If done well, it can only improve the company’s working conditions. Moreover, you could also take advantage of this change to clean your equipment. With a sweeper, an air purifier or a high pressure cleaner you will refurbish your premises. Maintaining your structures contributes to the good health of your business!

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