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6 things you should know About online degree in educational psychology

The human mind is complex and fascinating. If you are interested in studying a degree in psychology, it is surely because you are interested in knowing in-depth topics as intricate as perception, consciousness, personality, or intelligence. 

Below we present 6 facts about the online degree in psychology that you should take into account before making your decision: 

1. Psychology has a scientific basis (and requires mathematics)

As a psychology student, in addition to studying theories and analyzing positions on the proper functioning of the human mind, you will also put the scientific method into practice. The degree has subjects with a scientific focus, such as: Research and statistics methods I and II, Biological bases of behavior, Development and validation of instruments and Neuropsychology. Don’t worry, our specialized teachers will provide you with the necessary guidance and support so you can learn in practice.

2 The study plan is extremely interesting (and broad)

As you can imagine, the human mind cannot be understood from a single perspective. That is why when studying psychology at Anáhuac you will learn from fields as varied as personal counseling, social psychology, family therapy, and attraction of human talent, to name a few. You will learn to analyze human behavior in its different stages of development, from a humanistic perspective with a strong sense of personal and social responsibility. 

3. It offers very varied career options

We are not only talking about the large number of specialties that you can choose after finishing your studies, we are also referring to the potential of entering areas such as pedagogy, therapy, research, advertising, and human resources, to name a few. . To allow you to choose these careers, in the Anáhuac 2025 Model, you will have the opportunity to study a minor or University Educational Diploma in the area of ​​knowledge of your preference. This way you will be able to acquire this knowledge before graduating with a psychology degree.

4. It is a challenge that will fascinate you from beginning to end

When studying psychology at Anáhuac you will have to develop your sense of responsibility and be very disciplined and autonomous. Although you will be assessed using traditional deliverables such as reports and essays, you will also complete more practical tasks such as presentations, interviews and research. Depending on your personality, interest and determination, the psychology major, like the rest of the university majors, is a challenge that will require a high degree of commitment, effort and ability to excel on your part.

5. It is one of the most requested careers in Mexico

According to the OCCMundial online recruitment and selection portal, psychology is part of the 10 most in-demand careers because its graduates have the ability to work in various fields. At the end of your degree, you will be able to choose to work in public agencies, care centers, non-governmental organizations, schools, organizations and in companies of all kinds in areas of recruitment, selection and psychological evaluation.

6. It is also one of the most necessary in Mexico

According to José Ibarreche Beltrán, head of outpatient consultation at the Fray Bernardino Álvarez Hospital, 29% of Mexicans, between 18 and 65 years old, require psychological help at some point in their lives. . Comprehensively supporting people to overcome their problems and learn to think in a different way is a way to contribute to the well-being of our society. 

This is why Universidad Anáhuac, through our Educational Model 2025, seeks to promote your academic development with a strong sense of responsibility and leadership, essential values ​​that will allow you to promote the mental well-being of Mexican society in a continuous and professional manner. Join today and become a Positive Action Leader!

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