Bringing Back Beauty: Trusted Flood Restoration Services in San Diego, California

The rain started in the north where the river through the small town of Guerneville north of San Francisco overflowed its banks. Later, Southern California was hit when up to 76 millimeters of rain fell in three hours in San Diego.

The floodwater washed away cars that ended up stacked on top of each other, while several neighborhoods and main roads were left under up to a meter of water.

flood restoration San Diego

Eddie Ochoa says that it was raining lightly when he and his sister went to have breakfast. But when they returned to their garage an hour later, the whole block was under water and their sister’s car washed away. It was later found 5 kilometers away.

The fire service states that they have rescued at least 24 people from foaming masses of water in flooded rivers in the city.

There was also heavy rain in other parts of the southwestern United States on Monday. In San Antonio, Texas, it is feared that five homeless people who stayed in a drainage tunnel under a road have been washed away, and in both Houston and Dallas it has rained heavily.

In Arkansas, rain falls that freezes on the ground, and there is a danger that large parts of the state will remain under a layer of ice.

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