5 qualities that a Community Manager must possess

Many people think that using social networks daily is enough to become a Community Manager. And yet, becoming a community manager requires much more skills than that. So, what are the qualities required for a Community Manager profile? We’ll tell you more with our article of the day.

1. A Community Manager must show curiosity

Curiosity is one of the main characteristics that a community manager must have. Being curious involves the constant search for information, the desire to learn, an open mind and the search for innovation daily.

It is very important to stand out from others in a certain way, so this facet is very important. For this, it is necessary to carry out a certain amount of monitoring work to always stay on the lookout for the latest developments in the field.

2. A Community Manager must demonstrate dynamism

Another characteristic of a good Community Manager is dynamism and versatility. This communication professional must know how to adapt to all the situations that arise daily. It also involves having a wide range of knowledge such as design, email management, etc.

As such, it may be necessary to regularly follow professional communication training. The CFPJ training organization therefore offers several training courses in communication and in particular in community management. 

3. A Community Manager must show empathy

All social media managers in a company must demonstrate empathy and common sense. To be a good Community Manager, you must understand Internet users (or customers) and anticipate their reactions.

This characteristic will be particularly useful in complex situations with particular followers who require special attention. Empathy and common sense will create a strong community around the brand, with lasting relationships.

4. A Community Manager must be creative

Creativity is another characteristic of the Community Manager. Social media is a competitive jungle. All brands seek to stand out from the rest and that is why creativity plays a fundamental role.

You need to be different to stand out and make the user understand that you exist. A community manager should create original and fresh content so that your community of followers falls in love with you and gets new ones.

5. A Community Manager must demonstrate organization

A Community Manager needs to be an organized person at work. This position has a lot of responsibility with very varied tasks and if the person in charge of managing social networks is not organized, it can be a failure. There are many planning, administration and scheduling tools available today that make this task easier. Find out about the different everyday tools that can make your job easier.

In summary, a Community Manager must be a curious, empathetic, organized, versatile and dynamic person. Now that you know the skills expected of a Community Manager, do you still think this position can be filled by anyone?

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