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You must choose an electric and ergonomic sit-stand desk to work!

Work has existed since humans decided to establish themselves in communities to share tasks and achieve goals that were inaccessible in small groups. It was, therefore, necessary to divide tasks and assign them to increasingly specialized corporations, as techniques evolved.

Today, a large proportion of workers spend all their time sitting in front of a desk. So here’s why you should choose an electric and ergonomic sit-stand desk to work.

The home office, the future of work?

Work is now extremely sedentary. An ever-increasing proportion of individuals are assigned to tasks classified in the category of tertiary professions, to the point that some of us spend the majority of our lives on a chair. And with the exponential development of teleworking , it is a safe bet that the trend will only continue in the years to come.

Digital tools, particularly those enabling collaborative work, are at the heart of the development of this new economy based on the instantaneous transmission of data. But what we often forget is that it is still the men and women sitting behind their desks who carry out the most essential tasks. And for them, it is vital to equip themselves with an electric and ergonomic sit-stand desk, for example, thanks to this comparison of ergonomic and height-adjustable desks, offered by the site Meilleure-note.com.

Why choose an electric and ergonomic sit-stand desk?

The time spent at a desk has been on the rise for many years. But with the development of the digital economy and teleworking, we can be sure that the proportion of sedentary people at work will only increase in the years to come. We must be aware that all these risks having serious consequences on public health because prolonged sitting creates a lot of bodily tension.

The scientific literature is full of case studies that demonstrate that the increase in the population suffering from back problems is largely linked to a sedentary lifestyle . But this is not the only consequence of sitting work. Vision problems, difficulty falling asleep, neck stiffness, stress, depression, anxiety, the body that does not move is prey to many problems. Hence the interest in optimizing your workstation using an electric and ergonomic sit-stand desk.

Criteria for choosing your sit-stand desk

An electric and ergonomic sit-stand desk allows, as its name suggests, to navigate between sitting and standing posture. Thus, it limits the risks of developing a work-related pathology. To choose your desk, you will first need to look at its load capacity . It’s up to you to carefully estimate the weight of the screens, equipment and other accessories that you will install on your desk .

Furthermore, it is equally important to ensure the stability of your office. Again, it’s up to you to choose according to your needs. The same goes for the freedom of movement offered by the tool, its speed and its functionalities. Aesthetics can also play a role if you want to ensure some harmony in your workspace .

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