Wooden Frames To Decorate The Rooms Of The House

In recent years, wood has taken over our interiors in terms of decoration. Appreciated for its noble and natural side, it can be found in every room of the house, where it has found its place and made itself indispensable. From the desk, to the headboard, including the living room bench, the multiple variations of wood meet all our desires. And there is not one but raw woods. Thus, with the same material, we have access to different types of renderings. Oak, walnut, burl, cherry… are all raw species to adopt for diverse and varied interiors. Wherever it goes, this material acts as a reminder of the nature from which it comes. We appreciate its robustness when it forms massive dining tables or imposing wooden doors. We also love his finesse when he grabs the toothbrushes from our bathrooms, or frames a subject chosen by us. And it’s coaching that we’re going to focus on today!

Too little used, custom wooden frames are a decorative ally that should not be overlooked! First of all, the wooden frame is a craft object from an ancestral practice. Buying a frame already means buying a beautiful object made from a noble material and with the know-how of specialized craftsmen. In addition, the tailor-made appearance of the wooden frame allows this quality object to be combined with personal objects and tastes. The frame then enhances the chosen subject by adapting to it. Starting with the size, custom manufacturing guaranteeing an exact match between subject and frame. You can then choose the model of the frame, from all the solid wood sticks that exist. Next comes the choice of the type of framing and the mat, to complete customizing the object and personalize it according to the subject to be framed, its interior, and above all its tastes! Finally, it is up to you to find the ideal location to hang your custom frame, so that they fit in well with the atmosphere of your interior decoration. Whether it is the centerpiece of one of your rooms or adds to the decoration of an already furnished bookcase, the wooden frame knows how to find its place. It is to bedrooms that we have decided to dedicate this article. Discover several ways to integrate wooden frames into your decoration!

1. The wooden frame for the master bedroom

Custom-made wooden frames are an ideal asset to complete the interior decoration of a bedroom. Its tailor-made appearance allows you to place almost any subject in the center of the wooden frame . Thus, give a very personal touch to your decor. This could be by having a large format painting that you have just acquired framed. You can then opt for an American box made of natural raw wood. Your work will then be highlighted, in a way that is both organic and modern. The custom wooden frame can also be an opportunity to frame a photo that is dear to you, to place on your bedside table or to sit on top of your fireplace. Wedding photo, family photo or photo of your children, choose the one that you will enjoy admiring every day. Finally, wooden frames also lend themselves well to framing posters. Take this opportunity to put the poster of your favorite film in the spotlight. Each time, choose the wood that suits you. Oak wood, cherry wood, or even burl wood, there is no doubt that you will find the one that best suits your interior!

2. The wooden frame for the child’s bedroom

Wooden frames also find their place in children’s rooms. Here, adapt them to the warm and comforting atmosphere sought for such a room. To do this, frame an object with strong sentimental value, linked to the lives of your children. Why not have your twins’ birth caps, or their first self-portrait, framed. On the more sporty side, you can also highlight your son’s first gymnastics medal, or your daughter’s orange judo belt! In short, personalize this place to make it the dream cocoon for your children, whether they are toddlers or teenagers.

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