Why use a temp agency

Temporary employment agencies are agencies that allow large and small companies to make up for a shortage of workers. Nowadays, these agencies are in high demand. They have many advantages for both applicants and recruiters. Here are the reasons why you should use a temp agency.

A versatile experience

Looking for temporary employment offers many advantages. Thanks to temp agencies, job seekers can target very broad sectors of activity. It is ideal for those who wish to carry out diverse and varied missions. Temporary employment agencies will allow you to enrich your CV, gain knowledge of work in different economic sectors and acquire very good training. With temporary work, you have the possibility of accepting or refusing the missions entrusted to you. This way, you will only work in areas that you like. To find temporary employment, use the services of this temporary employment specialist .

Higher remuneration

Today, temporary work affects all sectors of activity. In France, the employment of temporary workers is experiencing a significant increase in all regions (124% in Brittany, 17.7% in Pays de Loire, etc.). Most people prefer to work as a temp because it allows them to get a better salary. Remuneration for temporary work depends mainly on two factors: the type of position held and the seniority of the employee. Temporary workers are considered like other employees of the company. 

They have the same benefits as them (RTT, paid leave, restaurant vouchers, access to the company canteen, etc.). In fact, working as a temporary worker allows you to benefit from numerous privileges. When the contract of the temporary employee expires, compensation equivalent to 10% of the amount of his salary will be granted to him. With temporary work you will be able to save a lot and you will pay for a dream  vacation .

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