Why Choose A Technical School In Brussels?

If you are looking for a school to benefit from a secondary education, you have undoubtedly come to the right door. Indeed, an institute extends its arms to you and offers you a wide choice in the field of graphic arts and technology. You will be able to benefit from several advantages if you decide to train since the catalog is very vast. This is a quality technical school in Brussels and has valuable links with many companies. Students can thus follow a very specific course and above all meet all the requirements for their future profession. 

A wide choice for your professional orientation

This technical school in Brussels turns out to be very practical since you will be able to benefit from a diversified brand depending on the field you are targeting. As a result, this establishment offers electromechanics, secondary processing trades, electricity, but also IT and even a metalworker-welder option. You won’t be able to miss the training for computer graphics, printing, electronics, mechanics… This school is therefore rich in offers and you can even opt for automation and maintenance training. Do not hesitate to contact these professionals who will be able to provide you with information regarding registration procedures. In addition, it is possible to request an orientation interview, this should clearly help you when making your choice.

A school with a very friendly living environment

Of course, the curriculum is essential, but we must not neglect the environment . This school, ideally located in Brussels, offers you an airy and green area, you will also be close to the Soignes forest. Public transport is widely available and you should know that the Don Bosco Institute is clearly renowned for its living environment. In fact, the number of students continues to grow over the years.

How To Become A Chartered Accountant

Today, the accountant has become a professional highly sought after by most companies because of the unparalleled abilities he has. Its abilities are necessary for the life and smooth running of any business. The accountant plays a role of advisor and assistance to businesses. For small businesses, it carries out full accounting management. Starting from accounting entries to the balance sheet. He can also be a service provider. In this case, he acts as auditor to ensure the reliability of all financial information. Through this article, you will discover the different training courses leading to the profession of chartered accountant. 

What studies to become a chartered accountant? 

If you want to become a chartered accountant, you will have eight years of study after the baccalaureate. You will go through five years of theoretical studies during which you can undergo work-study training. Then, you will have three years of professional internship required to acquire your accounting diploma (DEC). The most recommended baccalaureates are those in the S, STG, ES, etc. series. The traditional course consists above all of obtaining the accounting and management diploma (DCG) which is the equivalent of the license, because it is obtained in three years. The training to obtain your DCG will include a theoretical part including subjects such as economics. Finally, you will have to complete your higher diploma in accounting and management during which you will deepen your knowledge and acquire other skills.

The costs associated with obtaining your accounting diploma 

It is certainly difficult to determine with precision all the costs linked to the different training courses allowing you to become a chartered accountant, but you will be able to save a sum of between 600 and 7000 per year during your 8 years of study. Furthermore, you should remember that costs vary depending on the school and that you may be able to receive your lessons at home. 

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