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What Training To Become A Make-up Artist?

The entertainment industry has several professions in addition to actors who are the visible figures of theater, cinema, or television. This is particularly the case of the make-up artist whose work is essential, but often takes a back seat. This profession mainly attracts women into the world of entertainment. These are professional makeup artists who embellish the faces of the actors seen by the public behind a screen or on theater boards. 

Become a makeup artist

In France, to become a make-up artist, the common route is to obtain professional certification as an artistic make-up artist. It is the only diploma recognized by the State and it is acquired after following a course at the Sophie Lecomte School. This bac+2 level certification is obtained either after two academic years spent within the establishment or by completing an accelerated course over one year. However, there are private schools where you can follow make-up artist training. Follow this link and discover this Séléstat self-makeup training. Professional makeup artists have fairly comfortable incomes despite rather limited professional development.

Evolution and income of a makeup artist

Once the diploma is completed, a beginner makeup artist enters the professional world as an assistant. With experience, she became a permanent makeup artist and by managing to join a major cinema, television, or theater production, she became head makeup artist. It is this last position that most professionals who pursue a career as a make-up artist aim for in the long term. They enjoy a rather comfortable lifestyle from a financial point of view provided that they are regularly employed. On television, in the cinema, and the theater, a makeup artist is paid according to her experience, her notoriety, and her diploma. Depending on these different criteria

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