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What to prepare for an American breakfast?

The American breakfast is an option that offers a choice of various hearty dishes. Whether in the office, on the street, at home, or in restaurants, you have the choice between a multitude of simple or mixed dishes. This article presents a list of foods for your American breakfast.

Pancake, an iconic American breakfast dish

Throughout the United States, Pancake is a meal usually served at lunch . It is a kind of thick, soft and melting pancake which is generally eaten sweetened with jam, maple syrup or honey. But nothing stops you from enjoying it with Nutella, sugar or lemon juice. This iconic American breakfast dish also goes well with butter and bacon.

Simple to cook, it is rich in vitamins and mineral salts. With this hearty breakfast dish, you have enough to meet your energy needs and last until lunch.

Waffles, they adapt to all tastes

The waffle is a light dish that is one of the ideal dishes for an American breakfast. It is a recipe that accommodates various tastes and preferences. Indeed, for your breakfast, you can choose from:

  • Nutella waffles;
  • Light waffles;
  • Picardy waffles;
  • Waffles with crème fraîche…

This delicious dish made from flour and fresh milk is available in restaurants and hotels. But, above all, it remains a good home recipe for a hearty breakfast.

Bacon, for meat lovers

We cannot list the possible dishes during an American breakfast without mentioning the famous bacon. This is a fatty part of pork cooked in a pan without added fat. After cooking the bacon can become bacon or lardons. With its optimal flavor, it can give a little smoky and salty taste to your preparations.

You can also enjoy it with your breads, cakes or focaccia. This fatty food provides a little more lipids to the body and increases the calorie level. It is therefore very suitable for breakfast.

As bacon is particularly salty, remember to drink water when you eat it.

Eggs, very present in the American breakfast

In the United States, eggs are mostly eaten for breakfast. We’re all used to watching American films with a plate of eggs sitting on the L-shaped kitchen bar .

In fact, they are an integral part of many of the dishes that Americans choose for the first meal of the day. Furthermore, they can be presented in various forms:

  • Scrambled eggs ;
  • Poached eggs ;
  • Hard boiled eggs;
  • Omelette…

Whether they are used as ingredients or as part of a dish, they offer a great supply of nutrients and vitamins to the body.

Accompanied by smoked bacon, sausages or potatoes, they contribute to a balanced diet.

Cereals, to fill up on energy Apart from the dishes mentioned above, cereals are other food choices during an American breakfast. In fact, with a bowl of cereal mixed with skimmed milk, you can make a simple but hearty breakfast . Whether fruit or chocolate, they provide fiber, vitamins and minerals to the body.

What to remember? For an American-style breakfast, you have many options at your fingertips to enjoy rich and hearty foods. You can choose between pancakes, waffles or cereal to start your day right.

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