What To Do If Your Rearview Mirror Breaks?

Between vandalism, impacts, collisions, improper handling, etc., the causes of a broken mirror are numerous. However, none of these reasons can justify driving with a damaged mirror. Apart from the fact that it is illegal, it can cause real concern for the safety of the driver himself and other motorists. You must therefore think about repairing it as soon as possible in order to have more peace of mind while driving.

The usefulness of mirrors on your car

Required by law, mirrors play a vital role on your vehicle. In fact, they are vision extensions since they allow drivers to have visibility of the rear and side of their car without turning their head. It also allows you to know when another vehicle is about to overtake you, to control the stopping distance.

The mirrors also allow the driver to anticipate directional signals when he wants to overtake or take a turn. Thanks to this feature, you as a driver have the ability to drive without fear . Not having a rearview mirror on your vehicle would be like driving blind. You would be unable to perform maneuvers such as reversing, overtaking, etc.

Simply put, the main purpose of mirrors on the car is to allow you to avoid accidents as much as possible . This is also explained by the fact that they offer you excellent visual coverage on the parts that you cannot see while driving your car. On the other hand, it is crucial that your mirrors are in good condition in order to provide you with calibrated, but above all clear, images.

If you accidentally lose your mirror or it breaks, you must take steps to change it. In case you cannot afford to buy new mirrors, note that the price of a used mirror is more affordable. On the other hand, you should know that the mirrors do not cover blind spots.

So, they will not allow you to see what is happening to the side of your car (within a few meters), under the rear window. Likewise, it will be impossible for you to see what is happening just behind your vehicle and in front of the hood.

Can you drive with a broken or missing rearview mirror?

Although a broken rearview mirror may be a minor problem for you, it is not advisable to drive without repairing it. Indeed, even if this state of affairs does not impact the proper functioning of the vehicle, driving with a damaged rearview mirror can be a real problem on the road .

In addition, it is not recommended to drive without a rear-view mirror, as you are violating article R319-6 of the Highway Code . According to this standard, all motor vehicles, except agricultural devices and vehicles which do not have a closed cabin, must be equipped with rear-view mirrors of sufficient dimensions. These should be arranged in a way that allows you to see what is happening behind you from the driver’s seat.

It should be noted that the presence of interior and left mirrors is mandatory for passenger cars. That of the right rear-view mirror is only obligatory on utility vehicles which do not have a rear window and on cars with a trailer. Whether it’s a small crack in the mirror or it’s completely damaged, you need to repair it to avoid having to pay a class 3 fine .

Where to find a new mirror?

Contrary to what you may believe, finding a rearview mirror is not at all complicated today. Indeed, for the purchase of this accessory, several options are available to you. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a new or used mirror . If your choice is the first, all you have to do is go to your mechanic to get one.

If for one reason or another you cannot go to the latter, note that there are stores specializing in the sale of new automobile spare parts . You can go to one of these stores to purchase your rearview mirror. Furthermore, there are also websites specialized in the marketing of this type of accessory. It is therefore possible to make the purchase online.

This last option for purchasing a new mirror turns out to be very beneficial and quick. In addition to not having to travel to make your purchase, you will have the opportunity to compare the offers and prices of a large number of models and on different sites . This is an operation that will allow you to find the best offer at the best price.

On the other hand, if you decide to opt for a used rearview mirror, you can get one from the car scrapyards near you . There are also online stores that offer used car parts.

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How to change your rearview mirror?

Depending on the degree of deterioration of your mirror, you can either change only the glass or replace the entire accessory . Whatever solution you choose, these tips will allow you to properly change your mirror.

Just change the window

You do not have to replace your mirror if the shell is still intact even if the mirror is broken. In fact, in this case you have the option of simply changing the window . In addition to being easy to do, this operation will cost you less than replacing the entire accessory. To change the ice:

  • Remove the mirror in place. To do this, slide a flat screwdriver under the mirror and pull gently.
  • After disconnecting the de-icing wires (if any), make sure that the fixing system for your new window complies with the old one . Since accessories are not always available, you may need to salvage the mounting tabs or a spring from the old glass.
  • Then reconnect the de-icing cables.
  • Finally place the new mirror by gently pushing on it. To avoid breaking it, press on its entire surface with the flat of your hand.

Finally, clean it with a damp cloth and adjust the mirror.

Completely change the mirror

Generally speaking , it is recommended to go to an auto center or to a mechanic to change the mirror . However, given the cost of such a repair, you can make the change yourself by following these different steps:

  • remove the hubcaps of the mirror to be changed,
  • remove the connector before removing the broken mirror if it is electric,
  • Place the new mirror and check that it works correctly .

Thanks to these different tips, you will be able to easily change the mirror or your rearview mirror completely if it is damaged.

Does your insurance cover the repair?

Whether your insurance covers the repair of your broken mirror will depend on the contract you have signed. To find out if you are covered, check if you have glass breakage coverage in your contract . This coverage is generally found in comprehensive insurance contracts and in certain cases in extended third-party contracts.

On the other hand, your insurance will not cover your broken mirror if the person who broke it has not been identified, which means that you will be forced to pay for the repairs yourself in the event of a leak or vandalism . To be able to obtain compensation, you must make an amicable report with the person who caused the damage. In case you caused the damage yourself, make sure this statement is worth it.

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