What Is The Composition Of Beard Oil?

From the first Mesopotamian and Greek civilizations to contemporary times, wearing a beard has evolved according to customs and cultures. Sometimes short and smooth, sometimes long and curly, the hairy style of beards of each era has always met criteria of virility, and every self-respecting man had to take care of his attribute. Thus, the hygiene and aesthetics of the beard have always been at the center of male concerns .

In addition to the different cutting tools, beard care therefore requires the use of nourishing products. Beard oil is the favorite aid of bearded men who use it both for their comfort and to protect their hair. Throughout history, men have used the virtues of local succulent plants to extract precious oils to apply generously to their beards. But what about today? What is the composition of beard oil? Answers.

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A good beard oil, why?

Natural oil, the basis of beard oil

Essential oils and perfumes, the charming advantages of the composition of beard oil

A good beard oil, why?

First of all, let’s take a look at the benefits of applying beard oil to our masculine attributes. Its main objective is to deeply nourish the hair. Indeed, thanks to its lipid properties, the oil strengthens the hair and stimulates its growth while giving it increased softness and resistance. Well nourished, the hair can flourish, grow regularly and thus allow you to display a dense and thick beard.

Thanks to the composition of beard oil, it can also make the hair more supple, which facilitates styling operations by disciplining it. In addition, the oil permeates the underlying skin, rehydrates it and thus prevents feelings of tightness, the appearance of dandruff or itching. Finally, beard oil is also composed of perfumes which give a little extra “je-ne-sais-quoi” to your hair…

Natural oil, the basis of beard oil

First ingredient in beard oil, natural oil . Even if some unscrupulous manufacturers tend to replace them with synthetic products, know that it is inconceivable to nourish your beard with anything other than natural extracts. Indeed, the quality of your oil will, in large part, be responsible for the growth, softness and manageability of your hair attribute, so compare labels carefully!

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Multiple natural oils are used in the composition of beard oil. Among the most common, we can cite castor, jojoba, argan, sweet almond, hazelnut, avocado, sesame or grapeseed oil. Prefer organic oils , for greater comfort and better preservation of your skin. Finally, and above all, avoid all alcohol-based products, which will dry out your beard in no time and make it easier for spots to appear !

Essential oils and perfumes, the charming advantages of the composition of beard oil

In addition to vegetable oils, the best beard oils also include essential oils in their composition. In small quantities in the final product, these particular oils allow you to refine the care given to the beard. A little lavender to cleanse the hair, peppermint to refresh it or even grapefruit to wake it up, multiple essential oils in the same oil help maximize its benefits.

The composition of beard oil almost always displays various scents . These ingredients have no particular hygienic value but still provide real added value to the oils. There are a multitude of them classified by categories such as spicy, smoky, woody or even floral or sweet… Each man has his type of beard and each oil has its own scent!

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