What are the different models of advertising inflatables?

Inflatable advertising balloons have recently become very popular with businesses. They are often used for all kinds of events, both outdoors and indoors. Indeed, there are various models of advertising inflatables . It is therefore possible to make a choice that best suits the needs of the company. Discover in this article the different models of inflatable balloons, including the helium balloon, the skydancer, the helium airship, the hot air balloon and the inflatable and self-ventilating arch.

The helium balloon

The advertising helium balloon is an ideal choice of advertising inflatable for maximum visibility . In fact, it is visible up to 3 km from its location, or even more. It can therefore easily reach your audience from afar. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Consult the advertising inflatable catalog to discover the models and dimensions.

The skydancer

The skydancer is an advertising inflatable model which is suitable for fairs and festivals . In fact, it begins to dance under the effect of the air and constitutes a rather fun advertising medium. It therefore quickly attracts attention. Opting for the skydancer is an interesting idea to add fun to your advertising strategy.

The helium airship

When it comes to advertising inflatables, the advertising airship stands out for its fairly imposing presentation . It would be a perfect choice in the case of the inauguration of a physical store for example. Indoors, it can reach 4 meters, and almost double that outdoors. The space available to enter the company or brand logo or an advertising message is therefore substantial. It should also be noted that it holds up more to the wind than the advertising helium balloon.

The inflatable hot air balloon

The inflatable hot air balloon is an advertising inflatable available in two models. These are the self-ventilating hot air balloon and the helium hot air balloon . Each has its own particularities.

The self-ventilating hot air balloon is not a flying model. In fact, the system used does not allow it to fly. It is therefore installed on the ground. The helium hot air balloon, on the other hand, is very light and can easily take to the air. It can even be integrated with a lighting system to allow use in the middle of the night. The inflatable hot air balloon can be used for a commercial promotion campaign for example, or even for the opening of a business.

The inflatable and self-ventilating arch

This advertising inflatable model is a classic for sporting events . It is generally used at the start and finish of a race. It is therefore suitable for events organized outdoors. Apart from a sporting event, it can also be used like other inflatables for ordinary events such as a trade fair , a promotional advertising campaign, etc.

Inflatable advertising supports therefore bring together an interesting range of models to meet the different needs of businesses. They can be personalized with company colors and logos. They are very easily noticed by customers and are a good option for large-scale communication without spending a lot of money.

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