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What are the current decorative colors to create a warm atmosphere?

It is natural, when starting to furnish or paint your house, to rely on your tastes in terms of colors. This greatly underestimates the impact that color choices have on the proposed atmosphere.

Rather than deciding arbitrarily, why not try to think further about the effects produced by each of them in an interior? Finding out about the current decorative colors allows you to give yourself every chance to create a warm atmosphere in your home.

The impact of colors on our psychology

Colors have been everywhere around us since we came into this world. From then on, we unconsciously associate a set of values ​​with each of them based on our personal history. They trigger emotions in us and are capable of strongly diverting our attention and inducing behavior. More generally, there are strong correlations between brain activity and the colors present in our environment, and this new knowledge influences the decorative colors of the moment.

This is why it is very important, when choosing the colors of your interior, not to decide lightly. No one wants to go to the trouble of investing their time and money to create a space that no one will want to frequent because of the bad vibes it sends out. It is therefore important to think carefully about the colors to use depending on the pieces and their usefulness. This done, all that remains is to go to a specialist in furniture and interior painting, on Alinea for example, and complete your selection from the ranges of coatings and furniture offered.

The latest decorative colors to create a warm atmosphere

In addition to associating colors with emotions and states of mind, we also associate them with sensations of hot and cold. Taking these different parameters into account, a few colors hold the top of the list and are truly the decorative colors of the moment. Orange, for example, is an excellent choice: linked to the reward system, it is associated with pleasure and satisfaction.

In the same vein, light blue refers to the feeling of freshness and hygiene. Brown is a color which, in addition to recalling the heat of summer, also has reassuring effects on the human spirit. Yellow is translated by the brain as a message of honesty, and can therefore contribute to making us feel good in a given place. Gray plays on the regulation of emotions and suggests a certain serenity. Finally, red is certainly synonymous with joy and dynamism, but can also encourage aggression, so it is wise not to overuse it.

The primordial association of furniture and walls

Unless you want a colorful interior in the colors of the flag of Spain , the overall consistency of the colors must be carefully worked on. A warm space should not become saturated in colors , not to mention that such a choice risks representing a significant budget. The first thing to do is to differentiate between passage rooms and living rooms, and to decide on the atmosphere to create in each.

The choice of furniture will then be made accordingly. Wooden furniture will be used to create a contrast with the wall colors : light wood for warm colors like brown, dark wood for orange or yellow. Steel furniture has the advantage of finding its place everywhere. It may be advisable to avoid the option of glass for furnishing your interior. It goes well with very light colors which are not currently the decorative colors of the moment.

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