The Best Bouquets To Give To Your Wife For Valentine’s Day

Do you want to surprise your wife for Valentine’s Day and yet you have no idea which bouquets will surely please her? As colors play a big role, particularly for meanings, we will give you some tips so as not to make a mistake. Don’t panic, we will present to you some ideas of bouquets which are considered the best as a gift for Valentine’s Day. So follow this article closely to find out what are the best bouquets to offer for this special day for lovers.

Offer a bouquet of red roses

When we mention the word “love”, we immediately think of passion and desires, which is why we first offer you a bouquet of red roses. It’s a special occasion for lovers, which means the theme of the day is love so make this day even more special with this gift.

However, remember that roses are made for the person in your life and to make this occasion so special for both of you, perhaps you would like to accompany the bouquet with a marriage proposal? Furthermore, you should not neglect that when you plan to offer him a bouquet of less than 10 roses, it is best to stick to the odd number. On the other hand, here is the quantity you should not forget when purchasing:

  • 12 roses: thanks and marriage proposal
  • 24 roses: be even more gallant
  • 36 roses: to confess how much you are in love
  • 101 roses: express your crazy love

Offer a bouquet of red anthurium

These flowers are also one of the best choices when presented in a bouquet. For those who don’t know, this red plant means carnal passion. Besides, here are the reasons why you should choose to offer a bouquet of red anthurium to your loved one for Valentine’s Day:

  • They are resistant and can stay for several weeks in a vase
  • They are used to create jewelry such as brooches or hair ornaments
  • Its shape further expresses your eternal love
  • Ideal to put in a personalized pot

As you can see, choosing a bouquet of red anthurium can perfectly suit this special moment for lovers.

Offer an orchid bouquet

In this third part, we offer you an orchid bouquet to offer for your wife on Valentine’s Day. It is believed that these flowers have a reputation for being intense, expressing both love and sensuality. Besides, this is what couples are looking for in a relationship, strong feelings so that it lasts even longer.

However, if your partner does not have a green thumb, it is better to refrain from buying this flower because it requires a lot of maintenance. But it still remains a wonderful gift that you should choose to make February 14 exceptional accompanied by a romantic dinner or a romantic getaway. In addition, the orchid is considered a special flower!

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