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The Azilal rug to bring a touch of originality to your decoration

Before being associated with a tapestry, “Azilal” designates a Moroccan region located in the High Atlas. The city is 330 km from Marrakech. Azilal rugs, from artisanal manufacturing in the region, combine original creations as well as bright and dynamic color combinations. This Berber tapestry is now part of contemporary decorative elements . Here’s what you need to know about these Azilal rugs.

Trendy Berber artisanal manufacturing

The town of Azilal is located on the national road which connects Marrakech to Beni Mellal. It is home to Berber tribes with ancestral traditions that are still strongly present. The women of these tribes began weaving tapestries in the early 20th century to cope with the harsh winter. They served as wool mattresses for an entire household.

The artisans of Azilal make the carpets in an artisanal way using methods that have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. They are designed with irregular patterns and bright colors. They are made from dyed wool and cotton.

The weavers of Azilal tell their story through the motifs that decorate their works. They proudly display the tribal motifs of their ancestors. The main themes revolve around motherhood, birth, fertility and marriage.

However, weavers can also give free rein to their inspiration to create discontinuous geometric patterns. The latter are sometimes irregular or abstract, which is what gives the unique charm of the Azilal rug.

Good reasons to buy an Azilal rug

To bring freshness to your interior, an Azilal rug is ideal. Indeed, it reflects a friendly and warm atmosphere in a room. To give this impression, they come in several colors and have different styles.

You can recognize this Berber rug thanks to its multi-colored design and minimalist appearance. It fits easily into all styles of interior decoration, whether vintage, Scandinavian or bohemian.

The Azilal rug has many advantages in addition to being a decorative asset. It is stain resistant. Indeed, it is easy to clean compared to classic models. Therefore, this Berber rug is an excellent investment. Made from natural fibers, you can use it for several years. The Azilal rug also offers optimal comfort. Thanks to its wool composition, it is very soft to the touch.

How to choose an Azilal rug?

To choose the right Azilal rug, you must take the following three points into account. First, it is important to know how to distinguish a real Berber carpet from fakes. The materials used for its manufacture are always sheep’s wool. Concerning the colors, they are generally bright and made from artisanal pigmentation.

To distinguish a real Azilal rug, you also need to pay attention to the knotting and fringes. The knotting is done manually and the presence of irregularities is not uncommon. The fringes on one side distinguish Berber tapestry from classic models.

The second point to consider when purchasing a Berber rug is its geographical origin. He is from the town of Azilal in Morocco . There are other types of Berber tapestry such as Beni Ouarain which is generally two-tone and Boucherouite made from the recycling of old clothes.

The choice of an Azilal rug also depends on your budget. With a fairly high amount, it is better to invest in a handmade tapestry made from natural fibers. However, industrial manufactures are more stain resistant and more affordable. There are also polyester tapestries intended for fairly limited budgets.

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